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  1. https://money.org/collector/drdarryl/blog/the-unsung-first-day-issues The Unsung First Day Issues blog at the ANA
  2. Now wait a minute...I have a 1964-P (Philadelphia) Kennedy half dollar that was gifted by President Lyndon B. Johnson. His letter reflects the date of March 24, 1964. Does this mean I have in my possession a Philadelphia FDI version? I wrote a journal a few days ago on this coin. https://www.ngccoin.com/boards/blogs/entry/11571-what-about-my-1964-p-kennedy-half-dollar-first-day-issue/
  3. Checking the verification of the MS 65 FDI yields a population of 136 at MS 65 and 4 graded higher. Can it be assumed the remaining 1,860 are graded MS 64 and lower? Checking the verification results of the Choice BU FDI yields "In 63:0" and "In higher Grades:140".
  4. Yes, you can't trust a riffraff waving a single copyright paper. The best picture below is the letter from the Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library (the Richard M. Nixon Presidential Library also has a copy of the blue book). Thank you very much, I have a published book in two Presidential Libraries. My next goal is to increase it by one (targeting to add the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library) with my next book. The second best picture is an email snippet from John Dean (numismatic author of the book National Commemorative Medals of the U.S. Mint). All other images are related to Special Government Medals (with a razor sharp focus on The White House (yes, its a U.S. Government agency) medals. This will be my 7th year (began in 2013) researching these medals (started with the Eisenhower appreciation medals, added the Kennedy appreciation medals, then expanded out to the other U.S. Government agencies. NGC graded/encapsulated my POTUS sGm research collection. More information about the POTUS sGm series can be found at https://potus-sgm.com/
  5. You just have to love the American Bison design. These are currently all the Department of Interior honor medal types. The catalog designation are my doing. C=Class. The two on the right are in gold.
  6. Yeah! The 1964-D FDI Kennedy half dollars graded by NGC has a population of 2000. My lonely 1964-P FDI Kennedy half dollar deserves to be graded and attributed as a FDI as I have a President Johnson letter! I purchased this gift set from the Congressman's estate. I also have a provenance letter (not shown) showing the full-chain of legal ownership (Congressman (estate) to DrDarryl). 1. The date on the letter is the FDI. 2. The text of the letter states "...among the first...". 3. Signature of LBJ 4. The White House stationary and envelope. I did ask the estate why its stapled (it was to keep the coin and the letter together). I did see one other gift set, but it was gifted to a Senator (listed on WorthPoint) and the coin was not stapled to the letter. This historic numismatic specimen has a FDI cousin. A FDI Eisenhower dollar gift set from President Nixon to the same Congressman. To be continued...
  7. I have not submitted any of my special Government medals (sGm) to NGC since there are no catalogs that lists them (body bag bait), however I did write a paper that was given a copyright. This paper is ongoing research and only represents a snapshot in time of my research. Before I took on this research project I was amazed that these medals were not catalog at all as these medals were struck by the US Mint in the late 1940s. What is a special medal for U.S. Government agencies? Long story made short. It was found by cluster analysis as part of my research. All things manufactured by the US Mint clusters toward one of three manufacturing groups. As troubling at it may seem, no enacted US law (for the medals themselves) was required for special Government medals. US coin/medal laws places a set of requirements that the US Mint must adhere to (design elements, mintage, metal composition, issue dates, etc..). However, there was an enacted US law that created the Honor Awards (redacted law identifier protects my ongoing research) for US Government agencies. The US Government agency was free to select the design, mintage, issue, metal, etc.... I have evidence that simple phone calls was used to up the mintage or stop pending designs. Do you see Gilroy Robert's hallmark on the right at the base of the building ? My research made a match with the medal's engraved date with the April 28, 1948 convocation date (from National Archive and Records Administration (NARA)). I also found the number issued at the first convocation (92 bronze). Most importantly I found the awardee! You can readily get this Department of Interior medal. How about the rarer US Treasury special Government medal? Reverse has the names of Adam Pietz (left) and JR Sinnock (right) at the bottom of the building. This is a 1972 convocation medal. How rare is the Department of the Treasury honor awards? The Department Treasury was readily giving out a cash awards instead of medals.. Here are the low numbers for the first years of issue. Once again, initial issue in the late 1940s. Then again, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has a few special Government medals. Check out Frank Gasparro's initials. Still not convince? Find Frank Gasparro's initials. FG has a habit of placing his initials between the tail and right talon (not shown is the reverse of the Kennedy half dollar series). To be continued.
  8. I had a box of medals and coins when I entered the PA Convention Center. I just drove in from out of state. To my dismay the NGC booth was packing it up. If one advertises attendance to the 18th, does it means closing shop by 11:15 am on August 18th? Whatever excuse is presented, the other TPGs was their at least until 3:30 pm. I should have a job at which I can call it a day before 12 noon. Yep, they ( the NGC employees) were taping boxes, banner was down, all forms pulled from the table tops. And yes, the doors were opened by 9:00am on August 18th according to the official ANA schedule.
  9. DrDarryl

    Hawaii Top Pops !

    I'm estatic that I received two top pops in a single NGC submittal. Prooflike Hk-721 is great! Hawaii the 49th state is even greater! The HK book has a holed specimen, this HK-722A has the "49" intact.
  10. I'm patiently waiting for the return of my March 2018 submittal. This is my first public mention of this delay. Let's see....March 23 (submitted at the Whitman Baltimore Spring Expo) , April, May, June, July, and now August (23rd is 5 days away). Hoping to set a record for longest turn-around time in NGC history. Anyone know what it is? At least I can claim a "received" status of 5 months (in few days), my personal best... Customer service was contacted in late July. I beleive my submital clock was reset then. If this is the case, I'm hoping for a Thanksgiving 2018 completion date. Actually, I'm shooting for a December 2018 completition date. A surprise Christmas gift, nine months in the making (don't tell my wife) of my baby Ike (really, they are the size of a half dollar) octuplets. Visit www.potus-sgm.com
  11. I'm not making it up when I say I created the "Manufacturing Triad of the U.S. Mint" through cluster analysis. I'm not sure how U.S. coin and U.S. medal experts missed this for seven decades (70 years). I've been blogging about this creation/discovery at my ANA blog (search DrDarryl). More importantly, four new U.S. Mint medal series have been created/discovered based on the Manufacturing Triad of the U.S. Mint. What is the Manufacturing Triad of the U.S. Mint? The U.S. Mint operates with three manufactoring functions. The U.S. collector community thrives on the first two manufacuting functions (see the images). The third has been lost in the annals of U.S. Mint history. Of particular interest is the third manuacturing function. To simply state it. The U.S. Mint functioned as a made to order manufacturer for U.S. Government agencies. No federal legislation was required to establish the design, mintage, and issue date(s). That last sentence should be a shock for some. Yes, U.S. Government agency to U.S. Government agency (the latter is the U.S.Mint) procurements does not require federal legislation! Why? It's an inter-agency procurement! I'm advocating that the Manufacturing Triad of the U.S. Mint be used as the level 1 organization structure (at least for U.S. Mint Issues). Level 0 is U.S. Numismatics. There are other level 1 branches for private issues. (This advocating is another topic) The tough issue now is that production information is not shared with the public. So this is why for the last 70 years no documentation is provided by the U.S.Mint relating to Special Medal for U.S. Government agencies! I'm the researcher that organized, formed, and created the President of the United States (POTUS) special Government medal (sGm) series (aka White House Office sGM). (google potus-sgm.com). Well, that brings me to the main topic of this blog entry. I've submitted part of my POTUS sGm research collection to NGC for grading and encapsulation (still in work). However, I received a small grouping back. As you can see by the images, NGC named my collection (no fee) on the label. Most of these NGC medals are to be plate medals in my upcoming book. I included a research find (periodical clipping) from my draft book. How come this Newport medal is not identified as a presidential artifact? Struck by the Philidelphia Mint, designed by Frank Gasparro, and mintage 800. Used at President Eisenhower's Summer White House in Newport, Rhode Island during the summer of 1960. Oh yes, my research can identify some of the 800 individuals who were awarded Eisenhower's Newport medal. And yes, procurement documents have been located. Two runs of 400 each was procured on different dates. In closing, POTUS sGm ( or White House sGm) comes in 4 classes. The Newport medal is one of eight Class 2 medals. All share the same obverse (side with facsimile signature) and eight different reverses. Each are true-to-life presidential numismatic artifacts!
  12. This is a remarkable specimen with an unbroken chain-of-ownership (President Johnson-to-Congressman Stephens-to-DrDarryl). As you can see the number of "-to-" is two ! (I have two degrees of separation from President Johnson with this piece). Not to worry, I made sure that the estate of Congressman Stephens provided me with a letter of provenance with each of the owners identified (including me as the current owner). Note the date on the letter (first date of issue Kennedy half dollar) and the text (among the first). Not to mention President Johnson's signature on a White House letter! Not shown is the letter of provenance and White House envelope.
  13. FYI-My submissions are Early Bird/Standard.
  14. I did receive a "received" e-mail on 3/27. I also received a NGC email indicating payment was made via my credit card. I failed to mention that my 37 medals are spread across three invoices (each with received status).
  15. Submitted 37 US Mint medals on March 23 at the Whitman Coin Expo in Baltimore Maryland. Acknowledged "Received" on March 27. Today is the 41st day of submittal (or 27th business day). I check my status in the morning and evening. I know my medals are in good hands at NGC. I know I got them stumped with my submission as I wrote the book on these US Mint medals and offered to send pdf of my two earlier books (no reply so far). In addition, I know of three types of medals in this newly formed medal series have been previously graded/encapsulated. I also request a special label to identify my collection (previous email reply indicated it was ok). I also have a few medals with paperwork showing provenance (unbroken chain of ownership starting with President Eisenhower and ending with me). Google POTUS-SGM to see more related to my discovery, organization, forming, and naming of this series. I also discussed this series at my blog at the American Numismatic Association website.