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  1. Thoughts and opinions on this Morgan Dollar

    I know right, I can't figure it out, the reverse is fine. Can't imagine dipping only 1 side.
  2. Stuck at home playing with the coins. This is a nothing special Morgan but wondering what caused the funky appearance on the obverse. It has a mottled gray appearance. Opinions welcome.
  3. I'd try posting your question over at the PCGS forums.
  4. 2018 Lincolns

    If there's something on the rim, it can't be seen in darkness. You would need to turn on the lights.
  5. This is the only thing I could find in a quick search. It's a 100th Anniv Silver Medal. Here's a link:
  6. Biggest Story of the Year

    Looks like it went through the sort machine. Was that yours?
  7. Could there be a d/p 1982 Dime?

    I'd say either MD or more likely pmd. Sent you a message.
  8. ICG and ANACS vs PCGS and NGC

    In my experience ICG is lets just say more liberal and often 2 points high. The others are often closer depending on the coins. For bullion, ie Silver Eagles, NGC more liberal with the 70's, PCGS more conservative. Keep in mind, grading is subjective as they say.
  9. It's not an error, just a very well worn dime with post mint damage. Not a coin suitable for grading.
  10. 1878 Morgan cc

    Nice looking coin, but it won't straight grade as 1) there's some substance on the obverse and 2) it looks cleaned.
  11. Questionable Ebay listing

    For the seller!!
  12. Questionable Ebay listing

    Seller actually has 2 for sale, both at 3K OBO. I'd call it a steal.
  13. Biggest Story of the Year

    It's posted on the home page. It's neat but there's no backstory, just that it appeared and it's rare.
  14. I'd recommend picking up the Cherry Pickers Guides. They're inexpensive, very informative and have decent photos. I bought the books, and cherry picked my first variety within 1 month.
  15. I suggest research. Google searches with keywords will lead you to the information you seek. Here's a link: