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  1. Ttt Saturday. Ends tomorrow night, has bid will sell. Best Cass
  2. Ending Sunday Night offered with No Reserve.
  3. Why do you say "made of a strange odd metal"? Did you weigh them? Can't get a good idea of color off your photo but my guess is they're plated. This was done after they left the mint and are therefore not error coins. You can run a search on Ebay for plated Lincoln cents and will find similar coins.
  4. It's possible they are silver plated. Neither silver nor the original copper are magnetic.
  5. casman

    I found a penny

    Can you provide pics?
  6. casman

    Is not a question ok?

    They're about identical in both editions.
  7. +1, Agree with Mark. Interestingly enough it somewhat resembles the backwards question mark which signifies the S in Superbird.
  8. Innolife I think, but they're fairly generic. Dug out the box.
  9. casman

    Is not a question ok?

    Those books are simply a must have resource. Enjoy!!!
  10. There are several for that year. I can't see it from your pics, they're not clear enough. I don't see a match from known, to your coin, upper left of Y is the pick up point. Your coin has heavy wear and hits which complicates things further. You can pick up a usb digital microscope for under 20 bucks, and they're great for posting pics. Amazon has one for $15.29 free shipping and I've used it before and it works. Here's a photo from the cheap scope taken of pvc damage
  11. casman

    1923 Peace Dollar VAM 1923 VAM 1-O Bar Wing

    That's correct, the reason is they say they're not worthy of collector interest. I refer to them more as varieties than errors. They're as struck, just with noticeable differences. You could always have them graded depending on condition. There are companies that will attribute them. Here's one that would attribute and ANACS would attribute I believe all VAMS
  12. casman

    1923 Peace Dollar VAM 1923 VAM 1-O Bar Wing

    Does it look like this: VAM-2R2
  13. Here's one of mine, Genuine AU Details Graffitti
  14. I know right, I can't figure it out, the reverse is fine. Can't imagine dipping only 1 side.