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  1. Rant HaHa. Are you a ghost? This place is a ghost town...specific enough?
  2. Not sure who is responsible for the new format and or marketing of the brand but the pink slips go out Monday. I would fire everybody and start over. This is the consensus within the numismatic community.
  3. I don't see any damage, that's the design.
  4. Looking for generation info for this nifty little nickel. It appears to have been submitted for authenticity as there's no grade indicated. I've seen these type certs before but looking for the history. Thanks Cass
  5. Can't beat GC for customer service. The level of attention is outstanding and the best I've ever encountered. I've been surprised most times when it's Ian answering the phone. Most these days drop the ball right after they hang up. As far as their images, I've found them more than adequate.
  6. Ending Sunday Night offered with No Reserve.
  7. Why do you say "made of a strange odd metal"? Did you weigh them? Can't get a good idea of color off your photo but my guess is they're plated. This was done after they left the mint and are therefore not error coins. You can run a search on Ebay for plated Lincoln cents and will find similar coins.
  8. It's possible they are silver plated. Neither silver nor the original copper are magnetic.
  9. They're about identical in both editions.
  10. +1, Agree with Mark. Interestingly enough it somewhat resembles the backwards question mark which signifies the S in Superbird.