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    Edit to correct my mistake. Somehow I wrote down wrong info on the new grade. Okay the grade is in. I cracked an ICG 1866 Two-Cent piece graded Proof 66 RB and the result...PCGS PR-64 RB w/ CAC green bean, now pending listing at GC. I've decided to sell off parts of my collection as it's college time. Sent approx. 300 coins to Greatcollections and so far very pleased.
  2. While sorting through and separating out the coins I noticed the pile of 1938 Washingtons was getting bigger and they all looked much better, then way better than anything else I'd seen in awhile including the bag of junk silver. Not sure why they all got thrown in there. Quick pic with the cell phone. Thoughts appreciated.
  3. Round 3 of 6 sale of my 2 Cent Collection with the remainder currently awaiting CAC stickering and the balance in for grading. I also decided to clean out the closet and sell off my extras and coins purchased during my early collecting days. There are some cleaned Genuine coins in the bunch but so far I'm pleased with the results and GC is doing an exceptional job. It's college time, and the years have flown by. Thanks for looking. 510589 1875-S Twenty-Cent Piece PCGS Genuine XF Details Currently Selling 510590 1875-S Twenty-Cent Piece PCGS Genuine XF Details Item Pending To List 514377 1916-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar PCGS MS-62 Item Pending To List 514378 1887 Seated Liberty Dime PCGS Proof-64 (Toned) Item Pending To List 514379 1917-D Standing Liberty Quarter Type 1 PCGS MS-62 FH Item Pending To List 514380 1871 Two-Cent Piece PCGS MS-64 BN Item Pending To List 514381 1872 Two-Cent Piece PCGS XF-45 BN Item Pending To List 514382 1870 Two-Cent Piece PCGS MS-63 RB CAC Item Pending To List 514383 1870 Two-Cent Piece PCGS AU-58 BN Item Pending To List 514384 1869 Two-Cent Piece PCGS MS-63 RB Item Pending To List 514385 1869 Two-Cent Piece PCGS MS-63 RB CAC Item Pending To List 514386 1866 Two-Cent Piece PCGS Proof-64 RB CAC Item Pending To List 514387 1867 Two-Cent Piece PCGS MS-64 RB CAC Item Pending To List 514388 1864 Two-Cent Piece Large Motto PCGS MS-64 RB CAC Item Pending To List 514389 1865 Two-Cent Piece PCGS MS-65 RB CAC Item Pending To List 514390 1895 Indian Cent PCGS Proof-63 RB Item Pending To List 514391 1914-D Lincoln Cent PCGS XF-40 BN CAC Item Pending To List
  4. Observed this one on GC which appears to have rotation on the reverse. Is this common with this issue? Here's a link:
  5. Rare coin dealer robbed during hurricane Irma

    The thread ATS has turned into the Jerry Springer show. Very entertaining and tons of bad advice tossed around with cats and dogs. Someone should mention to the arm chair lawyer wannabes that lawyers can be disbarred for telling their clients to edit or delete public posts, not to mention get charged with obstruction of justice / tampering with evidence.
  6. Stolen Coins.

    Nothing more to the story. I found his website Thanks to his sigline ATS. I placed an order, paid, and paid extra for expedited shipping. Eight days later and without any type of email notification that I'd even placed an order, I sent a message through his customer service asking for a status. Nothing, no response at all even after 3 days. So I send another message through customer service, again, no response. A few days later, I get a notification from Paypal that I have a pending refund. Yes pending for approximately 3 days before it cleared. Yet the item remained on sale on his website. Finally I noticed the non-stop bumping of his BST stuff for sale which by the way holds the record ATS for the longest running bumster daily for years. So, I thought you know what, I'm going to send a PM, as maybe he's got someone else running the shop and needs to know. I said thought you'd want to know your customer service sucks. And with that, a few hours later, I'm unable to log in, and got Bammed. Forum favorites apparently get a pass for bad service and plenty of free advertising. As far as my not surprised comment it's because it seemed like he had "other people" running the show and that they failed to answer my customer service emails. When you don't pay attention, things can happen without your knowledge.
  7. Stolen Coins.

    Hope he recovers the stolen material but can't say it's a surprise. I'd like to think he had someone else manning the ship over the past few years as I got a raw deal from his outfit, received no follow up from customer service, none whatsoever, and when I couldn't help notice the record setting bumps in the BST I figured I'd get a response sending a PM. Why, because I thought maybe he'd want to know, and if someone else was running the show, but instead somebody told their Mama and I got bammed.

    Resubmitting for lots of reasons. 1) it's an old collection and I've bought lots of stuff over the years 3) some of the slabs are badly scratched 4) I expect some may upgrade a point. By not being familiar I'm referring specifically to present interest and overall collector base. I'm utilizing GC because of their discounted fees for grading, open channel to CAC and dislike Ebay and their ever increasing fees.
  9. Do you mean submit under economy at $12, due to potential genuine, and see what happens?
  10. I'm soon to be selling off part of my collection. Going through approx 300 coins or so most of which will be going to GC. Not quite sure what to do with this one. I don't think it's gradable (see macro) due to this graffiti or intentional damage on the Obverse. Opinions welcome and appreciated.