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  1. Have a few storage related items display cases, trays and Wood coin boxes available. They are in like new condition. Link: Not sure why this one isn't included in the link but here is a Lighthouse Mahogany Finish Wood three tier Box which holds 60 2 x 2's.
  2. Small date 1982d penny does it look right

    Thanks, you guessed it, I was thinking philly. This would me a major score!!
  3. Small date 1982d penny does it look right

    I see the 3.1 as bronze small date hardly worth the submission fees. What am I missing here?
  4. President casino gaming token

    Do you have any photos? If not, what exactly does it look like, size etc. I think that casino opened in 1992, then went out of business right before Katrina, so can't be that old.
  5. 1964 Kennedy halves

    You should also consider checking them for varieties and type as there are "several" for that year. I'm a big fan of never selling anything until you really know fully what you have.
  6. First Strike, and Early Release BS!!

    FWIW, the 2007 GW coin covers per the US mint were produced with the First 50K coins struck. One of them was a first strike.
  7. After a brief delay I've now loaded Round 5 of 6 with Photos upcoming. Thanks for looking, Best Cass
  8. I'd guess the stated pop is a guess or the seller had 4 of them, and is misstating a bit. I do recall seeing them offered raw. Error service is a bit pricey. It's a significant rotation for sure.
  9. 1945 P Jefferson

    Great image, but I see strike doubling.