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  1. The chin and nose are all a collector with any knowledge of the coin needs to review to ID this as a fake. Nice try Benny.
  2. Great Pix! Buying with house money is fantastic!
  3. Nice finds! I seem to be cursed when I check out pawn shops. All they seem to have are slider coins they swear are UNC.
  4. Congrats on the new edition! Starting him off right!
  5. I would take a high grade common Morgan over a PF70 graded piece of bullion. Also, you speak but you don't listen. There may be as little as 30% of the Morgans minted remaining on the planet. Your bullion will be gathering dust forever. History vs Hilarity. For me the choice is easy. Collect what you want, but educate yourself. Try Morgan history first and then come back and point counter point me. Have a nice day!
  6. DCZAN, you're looking at this through greased up glasses. Look at Six Mile Rick's statement again. Also, you can have a total mintage of 250 coins and have it not be rare. And you have NO idea what you are talking about regarding Morgans. While it might not be impossible to collect a set, it is VERY difficult to collect a high graded set because of availability and price. If you want to get right down to the nitty gritty, what you are collecting are just coins in the sense they are round and made of metal. They have no history, high grade examples are abundant (like every frigging one) and 25 years from now anything under a perfect 70 will pretty much only be worth spot. Please don't even try to compare modern bullion to our country's historic coins. It is sophomoric.
  7. I know you have probably received feedback like this before, but it isn't a rare coin. Just because a coin has a low mintage does not make it rare. Also, a large portion of the entire population of that coin is going to grade high if people even send it in. I have a few Canadian issues in the safe right now that have low mintages and I don't consider them rare at all. A huge factor in considering rarity is how many of the original population survived? In your case it's all of them. In the case of say, 1885 CC Morgan? It started low and got much lower due to melts. There is no sure way of even knowing what the surviving pop is on most Morgans because they were melted in mass. That also means the population of high graded coins will likely stay pretty close to where it is while your new issue could (relatively speaking) explode at that grade. I know you love your bullion and I've read your posts, but they aren't in the same category as collecting high grade circulation issues and never will be. Are the points that important to you anyway? I collect coins because I love coins and not to watch where in the ranks my name is. Happy Collecting!
  8. Sadly, at the end of the day history is boring to most people until their youth is considered part of it, then it sinks in. I never cared about coins when I wasn't at Grandma's house until I was in my 40's.
  9. It takes a LOT longer to complete your set, but I would go for Quality Grade over Quantity any day of the week! Nice Morgan!
  10. I guess if spending tons of cash on overvalued moderns floats your boat.....
  11. I personally think it is a difficult challenge. Back in the stone age when I was introduced to coin collecting, my Grandmother and I would sit at her table and crack open bank rolls of pennies looking for wheaties. Back then she had a 19" TV, no cable, and 6 channels. "Automated" entertainment was pretty much non-existent past riding my bike. Today's kids experience sensory overload so often that I would think coin collecting looks like an "old person's" hobby. Not completely untrue. If they were around when I was a lad and somebody offered me a coin worth $100 or an iPod they could have kept the coin and I would have been stoked! I feel differently about things today. Coin collecting, whether or not people want to admit it, is really an attraction rather than promotion thing. That's my take anyway.....
  12. I think the Looney Tunes coins are great and especially on the $20 for $20. I agree, they put out a ton of stuff, but I would much rather purchase these than the Disney ones they are hawking from the New Zealand Mint. That bothers me when they try to sell something they don't mint.
  13. Beautiful collection. I personally wouldn't invest in this area because I don't think the coins are rare at all and likely never will be. Just because a coin has a low mintage doesn't make it a rare coin, especially when most of the mint figures will likely remain static (no melting for spot). How many PF70's are sitting in closets and safes waiting to be slabbed? You can have a low mintage and see the PF70 population explode on moderns at any given time because the minting process is so much better than it used to be resulting in consistent quality strikes. I always say collect what makes you happy. Cheers!
  14. I would DEF research ebay. I have found it is a pretty accurate barometer of what the market is doing and there are many high end coins for sale every day. As a matter of fact, many dealers go this route instead of the auction houses because they can open dialogue and possibly sell the coin offline without paying a buyer or seller premium. It isn't right, but it happens daily. I've found some beauties on ebay and I wish I could have purchased them for 10 cents on the dollar! LMAO! Pay what you are comfortable with and move on to the next coin. I would not, however, put myself in a situation to lose 20% of the purchase price just for the sake of controlling the coin. That's just the way I collect. Everybody has their own comfort zone.