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  1. I wouldn't get too excited about value. The 1926 $10 Indian and the 1904 $20 Liberty are two of are the most common dates available. If your friend's grandpa was buying these contemporaneously with their US Mint release, then he picked the wrong years to buy for both series.
  2. My guess is it makes it more difficult for a 3rd party to fill the void left by NGC and creating a registry site that allows both NGC and PCGS certified coins.
  3. I read about this company when all of the negative stuff was going down. He was offering high volume, low margin PMs during the gold and silver run up of 2002-2012, then apparently got caught short when the bullion banks brought the PM market down. I guess it's easy to make $ when gold prices are rising a few dollars a day, but not so much when those prices are being pulled back down.
  4. Saying you like DC's work here is like telling my wife that Donald Trump is not the anti-Christ. It upsets her world view and just makes her angry. For the record, I like DC's work.
  5. The eBay link you gave says the purchase price was $1,775?
  6. Looks authentic to me. If a 65, you paid a good price for the second most common Saint behind the 1924 and before the 1908 no motto.
  7. I think I have a decent little collection, but I admit that some of my purchases were made after checking here to see if the coin might bump me up on the NGC registry. I am not saying that was my full motivation, or even 50% of the motivation, but it played into my decision making process. Oddly, I had no interest in what my purchases would do to my rankings on my 10-20 PCGS registries sets. That is because only the NGC registry allowed both company's slabs, which made it more user friendly and logical. As I can't see myself limiting my purchases to just one company, this development has me re-evaluating my interests in registries.
  8. Great report. I planned to be there, but unbeknownst to me my secretary booked a client meeting at that exact time. By the way, I am a past president of that coin club.
  9. Yes, the PCGS forum is much more active as is the Coin Community Family to which I have belonged for about eight months. There are many registry people who don't participate in forums like this. Given the prices that they sometimes pay for coins that are high up in the condition census pecking order, some of them might have more money than brains. As a dealer, I was only on the edges of this market. If you can get the material, which is usually very difficult to do, you can get some very high prices for "Top POP" coins. These prices can make auction results look like a class of pikers. Those prices can also be like an ice storm in July. They can melt very quickly if more coins are graded at the high levels, which has happened to some modern issues. Bill- I will say that your registry sets have been a motivation to me and many here. It is nice to see what can be put together by a person with a passion for the hobby over a lifetime of collecting. Even if our host curtails the registry after this year, it has been an honor viewing your collection online.
  10. Color me surprised. Must be a ton of people actively entering coins on the registry that are basically ignoring these forums then. I could log in once every 24 hours and read all of the new posts in 10 minutes.
  11. What surprises me is why either company cares about the registry? There couldn't be more than 250 active collectors on this registry forum? Most of the TPG revenue (I'd estimate 90%) has to come from dealers, who mostly don't care a lick about online registries.
  12. NGC currently has a feature that allows users to view the registry as (1) NGC only, or (2) all coins. One solution NGC might consider is reversing the default so the "NGC only" setting is the default setting, and the "NGC only" setting becomes the one used by the moderators in awarding annual Best Set awards. That way collectors can maintain their sets here, but NGC has a legitimate way to reward collectors who exclusively patronize the host's grading service. Additionally, if collectors had a way to see where they would have ranked, there might be the added benefit of encouraging members to cross their coins to NGC for competition purposes.
  13. The NGC and PCGS registries have one big draw each that I enjoy. For PCGS that is the really cool virtual album feature. For NGC is it has been the ability to compete and display all of my coins in one place, regardless of name brand on the slab. Up until this announcement, the NGC ability to compete and display all of my coins in one place was a more attractive draw. For this reason, NGC has been my home and earned my loyalty. However, with this recent decision, the NGC advantage is disappearing. The result, the registry with the really cool virtual album feature will be the clear winner. Given the decision to discard the key benefit of the NGC registry, all I can suggest is that NGC do some soul searching on what they can do to differentiate their registry from ATS. Thanks.
  14. This may be the first time I've read a post where this premise is that ATS likes to upgrade, not downgrade, coins slabbed on this side of the street. That said, if this election has taught us anything, sometimes the hype is just an empty pantsuit.