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  1. I am building an Au58 set my self what is that one 53-55
  2. Still chemicals on the coin whether by accident, on purpose or manufacture
  3. I no longer own this coin. The one I have now is a 65 red CAC PCGS
  4. This forum is for all copper not just wheat cents
  5. Now wood grain lincolns are nice I have a few. That 1918 is a sweet cent
  6. Which would back up what I said about how they are made either by a result of manufacture or by intent.
  7. I have had the opposite experience with Stacks. So far every thing I have gotten has been less than HA and legend. I bid on a 1877 PCGS IHC au58 CAC and with buyers premium it went a little over $4000. The same coin came up at Stacks and I was able to get it for just over $3300
  8. Don't know about the * but it is definitely nice. would be interesting to me if it would sticker
  9. Chris I don't consider that one toned. I look at it as a red and brown example. Toned ones to me look like they have been heat treated or some other operation has been used whether chemical or heat. that is not to say that they have been but they appear so to me and I just cannot develop a liking for them. Chris do you have a FB page? if so would you send me your ID in an e mail to wheatscabin@att.net it will be easier to show you a couple I have picked up. I don't think I like this new format. they keep asking for stuff that my malware screen keeps blocking.
  10. Nice stuff Chris. Been gone a while have been having heart problems. will post some more copper as soon as I can