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  1. Two half ounce gold coins, graded together with matching serial numbers in black NGC holders: $1,379 for both shipped with gold under $1,340 PPFF / Zelle / Venmo / etc Untitled by J G A, on Flickr
  2. Perfect coin, scratch free holder Just $675 shipped! IMGP1251 by J G A, on Flickr
  3. With gold up up up, this is now less than $50 over melt shipped .... Any takers? Thanks!
  4. Only $1,400 shipped! Thanks for looking, will post pics later if needed, but it looks flawless. It just got a 69 instead of a 70 somehow.
  5. Great looking NGC gold for sale. Plenty of references available. 1904 $20 Liberty Double Eagle in MS63 no line fatty holder. Sticker residue below label and sticker over hologram are gone now and holder is in great shape with hologram in perfect shape as well: $1,525 shipped, price is firm. 1/2 oz Martha Washington First Spouse graded perfect NGC MS70: $700 1/2 oz Dolley Madison First Spouse graded perfect NGC PF70 in retro/black holder w/ all mint packaging: $720 Thanks!!
  6. Just multiply Kitco Gold Ask price by the Actual Gold Weight (AGW) shown and add the premium to it. OGP = Original Gov't Packaging. Prices shown include basic shipping but insurance if you want it is $7 extra: Bermuda $100 1975 still sealed W cardboard cut down to 2x2 size .2034 AGW - Melt + $15 Jamestown $5 commemorative proof with all OGP. .2419 AGW - Melt + $15 Martha Washington First Spouse graded perfect NGC MS70. .5000 AGW - Melt + $45 Dolley Madison First Spouse graded perfect NGC Pf70 + all OGP. .5000 AGW - Melt + $95 Kennedy Half 2014 graded NGC Pf69 + all OGP. .7500 AGW - Melt + $45
  7. This coin looks fantastic, but has that hint of rub that caused a 58 grade. Look at how much better its eye appeal is than the MS-63 coin I submitted at the same time. The AU58 coin is on left in all of the photos. Priced at $1,450 obo. IMGP1072 by jhf1621, on Flickr IMGP1076 by jhf1621, on Flickr IMGP1075 by jhf1621, on Flickr IMGP1074 by jhf1621, on Flickr IMGP1069 by jhf1621, on Flickr IMGP1073 by jhf1621, on Flickr
  8. spf $1,279 plus your choice of shipping at cost. First class mailer is about $3 and full priority with signature and insurance is $12.50 ...or anything in between. Prefer ppff on this, but will accept other forms of payment if I need to. Thanks! 32417obvandrev by jhf1621, on Flickr
  9. First Spouse coins still available tonight ...
  10. Please add shipping cost of your choice to the listed price. (I can do priority with signature and true insurance for $10-$14 depending on order, but will abide by your preference of shipping) SOLD 1903 Double Eagle: SOLD Three First Spouses: On Hold Both Jeffersons come with all boxes/packaging/cert., Washington is just in NGC slab. All coins and packaging are in excellent+ condition. Sorry for Washington pic, the scanner doesn't focus on slabs properly. coin looks great. obv31517 by jhf1621, on Flickr rev31517 by jhf1621, on Flickr
  11. Edited for clarification. Sold some 90% already, but still have another $100 up for grabs as listed.
  12. Ha, Check out photo #2 at this guys website: http://www.metaldetectingintheusa.com/badcoins.html
  13. $100 face value of 90% US silver coins for sale, half dimes and half quarters. $50 is in dimes and $50 is in quarters. Good coins with lots of newer 1960-1964 coins in the bag and will weigh over the .715 average. No slicks or culls: Contact me if you are looking