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    If I just sell the car, I can up my bid...
  1. Every success gives you one chance to succeed;

    Ayeee I am starting to feel old. My Dad was born in 1917. I was born the year the Franklin half dollar was first minted. It really is not a very old coin to me. It might be interesting, name a family member that was born the year a coin was first minted.
  2. Smile! 1, 2, 3!

    IMO this entry is not really a journal entry. I suggest this is better posted on the Chat Board under the appropriate topic area.
  3. Just as an example

    Just a comment, but I thought this area was meant for journals, not just random texts or entry. These should go under the appropriate subjects. I would not consider this a journal IMO.
  4. Verrry nice coin. One correction though, NGC has certified one 69* ucam. IMO this coin is a very good candidate for a star. If I did not already have a 69 ucam, I would be interested in this one. Care to trade? Just kidding. Good buy for someone.
  5. 1913 Type 1 Buffalo Nickel

    I agree. There also is a dab of it at the end of the one feather near where the other glue is. Also as Kurtdog says, the coin was stamped off center and the rim is almost missing on the right. Coin sold for $46 with shipping.
  6. 1913 Type 1 Buffalo Nickel

    Unfortunately this coin is on an auction where there are no return options. Even more reason for me to pass on it.
  7. 1913 Type 1 Buffalo Nickel

    I am curious what the members think is going on with this coin. First off, I do not own nor plan to purchase the coin. I am suspicious of someone doctoring the coin. Look at the obverse near the rim at about one o'clock. It looks like putty or glue filling in a crack. what do you think? These are not my photos, they belong to the seller.
  8. Hypothetical Sales/Pricing/Auction Question...

    Thanks for starting this thread, it was very interesting. So one question regarding either the + or * coins pricing estimates. Suppose the + or * is attached to a coin of the highest grade, how much value does that add to a coin? Even further, suppose the coin with the designation has a pop of one. I realize there are two approaches, registry points or simply for personal collection gains. So depending on your goal, the price you pay could vary.
  9. Do you think it's wise to use coins as a long-term investment?

    I look at my coin collection as a hobby first and an investment second. As a hobby I enjoy the hunting for a particular coin, the photography, and simply looking at the collection from time to time. As purely an investment, my feeling is if down the road ten years I recovered all I put into the coins, I would be very lucky. I do not look to make money at my collecting. However, I am sure many collectors look at the "hobby" or business differently and do make money at it. Foremost for me though the collecting is entertainment and if I looked at the forms of entertainment I have done over the years, I lost money on all of them. Big game hunting (guides, licenses, guns, travel), fishing (boat, motor, tackle), horses (horse trailers, trainers, saddles), etc. none of these entertainments came cheap and none did I make money at them. But I enjoyed them. So as long as my coin collecting stays within my budget, I will enjoy the hobby and some day sell out and recover a little. That is my collecting philosophy.
  10. The man behind the post...

    We boned the meat out, then pack it in the backpack and haul it to camp or to a gravel bar that a Piper Cub can land on. I was fortunate in the case of the moose that the haul was fairly short distance as it took a lot of trips to haul the meat. You are required to bring out all the meat. The fish and game wardens may even weigh your meat brought back to see if the weight is reasonable. We enjoyed some of the meat in camp but otherwise I donated the meat. The locals are quite happy to take it.
  11. I guess I do not see a big problem here. I have to re-log into the Collector Society just about every time I open it up too. On both CS and Great Collections, my computer automatically fills in the login info and I hit enter. Takes all of ten seconds.
  12. I do not even read the descriptions. They all sort of sound alike. I look at the enlarged photos, then research the coin census (NGC & PCGS) and past prices of the auctions. I also pay fairly close attention to when was the last time a coin of that particular grade or year auctioned. Some of them have been at least 5 years or more. At my age 5 years is a bunch. So then the auction prices do not mean as much as they are very out dated. Then I wing it.
  13. Who are the bidders?

    Interesting, even the airtite capsule is broken.
  14. Good For A Scent

    Rich, I feel for you and know those feelings you are having too well. I do not have kids, my kids are yellow labs. Twice now I have had to have one of my labs put down. When that happens I cannot even be there. My suggestion is for you to get another pup. The new dog will never replace your loss, but over time the pup will work its way into your heart and you will think less often about your other dog. Each dog is different and each has its own special way of getting your attention. I now have a seven year old and a one year old. And it is time to take them for a walk.