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  1. Ayeee I am starting to feel old. My Dad was born in 1917. I was born the year the Franklin half dollar was first minted. It really is not a very old coin to me. It might be interesting, name a family member that was born the year a coin was first minted.
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    IMO this entry is not really a journal entry. I suggest this is better posted on the Chat Board under the appropriate topic area.
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    Just a comment, but I thought this area was meant for journals, not just random texts or entry. These should go under the appropriate subjects. I would not consider this a journal IMO.
  4. Verrry nice coin. One correction though, NGC has certified one 69* ucam. IMO this coin is a very good candidate for a star. If I did not already have a 69 ucam, I would be interested in this one. Care to trade? Just kidding. Good buy for someone.