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  1. Yevrah1

    Updates and Improvements

    Shutting out new PCGS entries has taken most of the fun out of it for me. Most on my coins are PCGS but this was the best Registry to participate in. But that isn't the case any longer. My overall position in total points has begun to slip and will do so until I sell in a few years. Retirement is just ahead.
  2. Yevrah1


    I spend much less time here as well. Since no more new PCGS coins can be entered and the new Journals my daily visits have become weekly to monthly visits.
  3. Yevrah1

    Updates and Improvements

    I too spend less time here after shutting out new PCGS entries and the new Journal format.
  4. I am unhappy that the Journals are now another click away. I liked it on the 'Home page'.
  5. Yevrah1

    The New Journals Are Here!

    Not thrilled with the "New, Improved Journals". Personally I don't like having to click away from the Control Panel to see new entries. Feels like a different website. But I am resistant to change.
  6. Personally, I have a bunch of points but I don't buy coins by the number of points they garner. I use the number of points to give me an idea about the rarity of the coin relative to the series. For instance, I have 2 Capped Bust Half Dollars I am considering, one is an AU55 and the other is an AU53 for a different year. Seeing the points that each get do help me get an idea of its rarity. Combined with the census and historical auction prices generally complete the analysis on which to buy. That does not account of eye appeal though.
  7. Buying raw is so hard now days. One thing I look at is the seller selling only raw or graded as well? If selling graded as well, I wonder why this one or any other nice coin the seller has, hasn't been graded by this seller. I tend to be skeptical of sellers.
  8. I had a great Chevette back in 1976. My first brand new car. 4 speed, baby blue. ;o)
  9. I think my brother has our Dansco albums. Back in the 1960's, that was really the only thing available at least for us kids numismatically. That and the decent coins, from my baby bank, I personally cleaned to be nice and shiny! They now reside in slabs bearing the 'Cleaned' tag!
  10. Pictures actually do count for something. That is in case of a tie numerically. Coins with the most comments and pictures will be in a higher position when more than one set has the same number of points awarded.
  11. I think ties are most common in Modern sets. Everyone can buy a MS-70. Try getting a tie in the $5 Half Eagle 1839-1908 set. Certainly it could happen, but not likely. All of my coins pre-1945 are imaged.
  12. First feedback: Typing in all capital letters is very distracting to read and is also considered as 'yelling' in the on-line world. And is considered inappropriate unless you mean to 'yell'. Second feedback: If you are going to change equipment at all, stop using a scanner and use a cell phone camera or some other kind of camera. Scanners are very low quality as compared to even a Samsung Galaxy S4 Smart phone with 12 megapixels (which is what I have). I have a Nikon D5300 (24 megapixels) and it works wonderfully, assuming I light the slabs correctly.
  13. Yevrah1

    My 2015 Summary

    Started a couple new sets this year I added close to 40 coins to my collection this year. Once gold got way down, I picked up several ounces worth in old gold. So I filled some gold type slots. Then I started a set of 'Silver Commemoratives 1892-1954' and bought 20 of the 50 in the set. I also started a 'Carson City Type Set'. As well as buying the coins for the only Modern sets I collect, Silver Eagle MS and PR. Harvey Claus bought me a Nikon D5300 DSLR so I will be slowly working to update my images. And this is my first journal post in close to 3 years. To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.
  14. That is a beauty of a AU58, IMO! Any thoughts on what it might have graded if not circulated? 1895 Liberty Half Eagle is a common date issue. But again, the story makes it priceless to you. I have several coins that were in my baby bank when I cracked it open. I personally cleaned them in about 1965. I had them encapsulated anyway. They are nice despite the cleaning. Not particularly rare but in my possession since 1956.
  15. I am already doing a set or 2 of impossible to complete sets. Sets of Liberty Half Eagles and Liberty Quarter Eagles, so a Lottery win would be quite helpful in completing them further. Pretty much all the lesser expensive dates are already in my set.