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  1. Thank you Daniel for the nice recommendation! We have a longstanding good reputation which we zealously maintain. But to be clear, in this instance, these coins are up for auction at Great Collections who also have a great reputation. Nonetheless, we have many other baubles in our own online store! Kind regards, George
  2. We were just awash in coins after a buying spree and since we haven't done a show in a year now, we decided to send some of our baubles to Great Collections. We'd appreciate your looking and bidding! The GC photos are much better than mine (click the links to see those). All of these coins end in the Sunday, March 7 auction. Thanks and good luck. Kind regards, George 1877 Toned MS64 PCGS Seated Quarter https://greatcollections.com/Coin/954783/1877-Seated-Liberty-Quarter-PCGS-MS-64-Toned 1881-S Morgan Dollar MS66 PCGS Gorgeous Rim Toning https://greatcollections.com/Coin/954785/1
  3. We listed a bunch of true auctions in our eBay store today, all with $0.99 start, including a 1909-S VDB Lincoln in Fine 15 NGC and a 1914-D in VF30 NGC, as well as some gorgeous toned proof coins, Washington quarters, some other pretty baubles! Thanks for checking them out as well as the nice selection of BIN items. https://www.ebay.com/str/vdbcoins Here are a couple of screenshots from the store:
  4. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your knowledge about this! Very kind of you. If you ever buy anything off of our website, remind me specifically who you are and I'll send you a nice rebate. Kind regards, George
  5. Thanks for the bump. I didn't realize the slab scratches were that bad .. I don't have anything handy for that. Suggestions?
  6. Nothing earthshaking but a couple of nice coins at true auction, ending Sunday: 1878-CC Morgan dollar MS63 NGC VAM-9 "CC Tilted Right" https://ebay.com/itm/333679949841 and 1910-S Lincoln MS65RB NGC, Full Red Obverse https://ebay.com/itm/333680958765 Current bid on this one is only $81! And I thankee! Kind regards, George
  7. Well, the coin above is a roughly $6,000 coin. We have this one which we like on our site, and it's $2100. https://vdbcoins.com/coins-for-sale/1802-draped-bust-silver-dollar-b-6-bb-241-r-1-narrow-date-vf20-pcgs-appealing-dove-gray-surfaces/ Good luck and happy hunting! Kind regards, George
  8. We have a bunch of top-pop world coins on our site: https://vdbcoins.com/coin-type/world-coins-miscellany/
  9. We've got a few more nice eBay coins including KEY DATES: --1932-D and 1932-S Washington quarters, both AU Details PCGS one Cleaned, one Polished, still nice! --Buffalo nickel keys: 1913-S Type 2, 1919-S, 1926-S, all PCGS --nice raw Bust half and a couple of other coins. ! Thanks for looking, bidding, and Following our eBay store! https://ebay.com/str/vdbcoins
  10. We are offering here and on our site (same terms and prices) an extensive selection of British coins, Conder tokens, and a couple of Betts medals, all chosen for their excellent-quality surfaces, reasonable pricing, considerable historicity, and high quotient of gorgeousitousness. Regular PayPal is fine, or snail-mail checks are fine as well. No sales tax unless you live in Virginia and buy <$1000. Free shipping over $99. No-hassle 7-day returns for any reason. About Us: We at VDBCoins have been around for a long time, doing business under the same name and the same website, VDBCoin
  11. This coin which we consider to have VF30 details would be a ~$5,000 coin if straight-graded. Even with the caveat we think it is worth $2000-$2500. The current bid stands on eBay at $1,030. This might be a great chance for someone to fill an empty spot in their (NGC or PCGS!) Registry Set without spending 5 grand. The coin closes shortly before noon Eastern Time tomorrow, Sunday January 12. Kind regards, George
  12. Just this morning we listed this key overdate coin on eBay. The Buffalo nickel fans here might want to make a few bids. This is a True Auction starting at $0.99 and closing on Sunday, Jan. 12. https://www.ebay.com/itm/333463530565