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  1. I've also put out some better-date varieties in the same true auctions closing next Sunday. A few 1998-S and 1999-S Close AM cents, certified, a 1995 DDO MS68 PCGS CAC, a couple of raw 1995 DDOs, and a 1909 VDB DDO raw. Check 'em out! Link in note above. Kind regards, George www.VDBCoins.com
  2. I have listed more than three dozen Lincoln Memorial and Shield cents in (mostly) NGC and PCGS holders ranging from PR65 to lots of PR70s. The first batch of three dozen or so run from this past Thursday Nov. 14 to close next Thursday Nov. 21. All are true 7-day auctions with $0.99 starting bids. Another batch of three dozen or so are scheduled to run from Sunday Nov. 17 to Sunday Nov. 24. Those are just about all PF70 RD Ultra Cameo coins. There will also be one 1858 Flying Eagle cent, Large Letters, MS61 NGC on a true 7-day auction with $0.99 start. I would appreciate your looking and bidding. And please Follow my eBay store if you like what you see. Here's a link: VDBCoins eBay Store Thanks and Kind regards, George www.VDBCoins.com
  3. Almost certainly either a fake cast 1943 copper cent or copper-coated. Get a magnet. If it sticks, it's coated steel. 99% of them fail this test.
  4. We had a Merrie Month of May but have many amazing coins left on the site! Please take a look and thanks. Kind regards, George www.VDBCoins.com
  5. I have done a ton of successful trades on various forums and been a dealer for many years. Rather than sell on eBay (so expensive) I prefer to sell at cheaper prices on our own website, www.VDBCoins.com. In response to customer requests I have started a new category "New Listings This Month" so everyone can see the newest coins at a glance. We currently have more than 150 coins for sale including about 60 new (or reduced in price) this month (especially nice toned Lincolns and Indian cents and Buffalo nickels), ranging from $20 up to $16,000 and including a lot of modestly priced coins (most PCGS certified) below $100! I'd be proud for you to take a look! We're going to continue with a ton of other coins that we still need to photograph and catalog. Here's a (hopefully enticing) photo of how the New Listings pages look (here they are sorted from most to least expensive; you can also sort from least to most expensive or sort by PCGS #): Thanks as always to the kind folks (and regular customers) who click through and remember that there are other venues to buy nice coins than MegaCoinMart and feeBay. The website is 5-year-old code held together with rubber bands, so if you ever have problems placing an order (most people don't), all you have to do is email the address on the site (or message me here). I wish you long days and pleasant nights, and I thankee. Kind regards, George
  6. You know, you could put all of these into one email rather than what, so far eight in one day?
  7. Just a reminder that we and many other dealers will be at the large TSNS show in Chattanooga, TN, with setup on Nov. 1 and doors open to the public on Friday Nov. 2 through Sunday Nov. 4. As is typical for such shows, the best dates to attend are Friday and Saturday, as many dealers are packing up or have already left by Sunday. Address: Camp Jordan Arena, 323 Camp Jordan Pkwy, East Ridge, TN 37412 (aka Chattanooga TN) This is a great regional show, more than 200 dealers, and you will meet quite a few dealers and collectors who are members of this forum there as well. We'll be at Table 316 and hope you'll come by and say hi (and buy something if a bauble hits your fancy). More info: tsns.org Please note, the list of dealers provided by CoinZip on the front page is far from accurate or complete. Here is the show organizers'-maintained list of dealers (and I'm sure it will have changes as well): tsns.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/2018november.pdf Schedule: Thursday Nov. 1 Dealer Setup 1–7 p.m. Friday Nov. 2 8 a.m. to Dealers with Tables, 10 a.m.–6 p.m. General Public Saturday Nov. 3 8 a.m. to Dealers with Tables, 10 a.m.–6 p.m. General Public Sunday Nov. 4 8 a.m. to Dealers with Tables, 10 a.m.–3 p.m. General Public Hope to see you there! Kind regards, George https://VDBCoins.com
  8. **NW Georgia Convention Center, Dalton, Ga. 2211 Dug Gap Battle Rd. (I-75, Exit 333) Early birds and dealer setup Thurs. 10 am–7 pm Fri.–Sat. regular admission 10 am–6 pm Sun. 10 am–3 pm** Great regional show, 400 dealers, 300 tables. We will be at Table L6, turn left as you enter and we are along the front wall. Many other well-known local, regional, and national dealers will be at this show. Hopefully folks will have some money left over after ANA! There will be a special exhibit of The Norm Jenkins Bechtler Gold Coins that should be fun. The Bechtler gold coins were struck nearby in Rutherfordton, N.C. Here's the main website: brna.org We hope you will come by our table and say hi, and please let us know who you are on this forum! Hoping to see many old and some new friends there! Kind regards, George VDB Coins.com
  9. NGC no longer accepts (as of January 2017) PCGS-graded coins in its Registry sets. Sorry!
  10. Hi Robert, welcome to the forum. I would advise buying yourself a "Red Book" aka Guide Book of United States coins if you do not already have one, and go slow with the buying and selling until you advance your knowledge. Find one series you like and try to learn as much about it as possible. And find other coin forums as well, this one, meaning no disrespect, is kinda slow. Best regards, George
  11. Thanks a lot Stephanie! These coins are special. You doing OK healthwise these days? Kind regards, George
  12. I am selling a horde of spectacular Mexican Cap and Rays 8 reales coins along with a couple of other pieces. Prices include insured shipping. Regular PayPal is fine, and a handy PayPal payment link for each coin is provided. Checks are absolutely fine as well (but those from folks I don't know must clear). Immediate shipping for cleared payments or to those whom I have dealt with. No-hassle seven-day return privilege for any reason. No orders accepted from outside the United States or from Minnesota. These never-dipped, never-cleaned coins are of a quality far superior to most examples in the marketplace today. ========================================= 1839-Go PJ 8 Reales, AU55 PCGS $229 Color is much nicer in hand than on the Trueview PayPal.me/VDBCoins/229 ========================================= 1875-Ga MC MS64 Pop 1/0 $599 PayPal.me/VDBCoins/599 ========================================= 1882-Ga FS AU55 Pop 1/2 $279 Tienes color? And prooflike on both sides. PayPal.me/VDBCoins/279 ========================================= 1883-Ca MM MS63 $399 Gorgeous color. PayPal.me/VDBCoins/399 ========================================= 1892-Do JP MS61 Only Mint State Example at PCGS $249 Thick cartwheel luster on the obverse. PayPal.me/VBCoins/249 =========================================== 1892-Pi MR MS64 Pop 1/1 $425 Satiny luster throughout. PayPal.me/VDBCoins/425 =========================================== 1893-Ga JS MS64 Pop 4/1 $449 Well-preserved with satin luster. PayPal.me/VDBCoins/449 =========================================== 1894-Ho FG MS63 Pop 5/1 Elusive Hermosillo Mint $425 Great color and luster. PayPal.me/VDBCoins/425 =========================================== 1896-Go JS MS63 Pop 4/1 $349 PayPal.me/VDBCoins/349 =========================================== Plus, a Quartet of Other Mexican Coins: Two Cap and Rays One Pesos, each with gorgeous blue toning 1 Peso 1901-Cn JQ MS62 Pop 2/2 Tough Culiacán Mint $299 Cartwheel luster and super color throughout both sides. PayPal.me/VDBCoins/299 ============================================= 1 Peso 1901-Zs FZ MS62 Pop 12/19 $249 PayPal.me/VDBCoins/249 ============================================== Whether you buy any coins or not, thanks for looking. Purchasers will receive a discount of 5% when they make a future purchase through VDBCoins.com. And thus endeth my tale. Kind regards, George
  13. Hi. Some dates are worth more than others. You need to post dates and whether they are Uncirculated or not. I assume they are Uncirculated? kind regards, George www.VDBCoins.com
  14. I used to know one guy that went around to the mostly small shows that I have done for years, and all he ever bought was 1933-S halves, any grade, as long as the price was reasonable-to-not-too-highish. He wouldn't pay moon money. He told me he had hundreds of them, it was just his thing. Kind regards, George https://VDBCoins.com