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  1. Just curious, did they give you the proof "W" cent in the plastic bag with your proof set?
  2. I have been a member here for about ten years or so. I can remember when I first discovered the Collectors Society, it was great. I had a growing collection and could list all my coins in one place. There was (and still is) a really good inventory report which I used yearly with each set to check progress and changing values. Then, someone got the idea to ban PCGS, first from the world coins, then everything. If you had them already documented here, they could stay. Needless to say, this ruined any inventory reports since they could not be updated, same with the competitive sets and photos. Now they have ruined a wonderful part of the page, the journals. It was possible to check a profile, see their coins and sets, and sort of get to know other collectors by their stories and seeing and hearing about their new found treasures. Now there are no stories except a very few. There was quite a period of complaints but I saw no change. Too bad, this was once a very vibrant and interesting site. I have always had NGC, PCGS, other TPGs, and raw coins, I will always collect but remember when this was a lot more interesting place. Sad...
  3. Mint issues statement on “erroneous” branch-mint information on ASE coins May 26, 2017 By Mint News Blog Now even the mint admits it does not know where they think they minted the silver eagles. It's about time for the TPGs to simply label the coin in front of them. If there is no mint mark, leave it at that, don't suggest or imply one. It is pretty costly to attempt to complete a set as it is without phony labeled coins to add to the mix.
  4. It only matters if you want a complete competitive set according to Collectors Society definition. It is not a variety but a curiosity. Do you think NGC will crossover similarly attributed coins from other TPGs? I like buying silver. I like complete sets. Buying graded bullion seems a bit weird even to me but buying an indistinguishable coin to have the "special" label is a waste of money. (imho)
  5. Ali replied: "NGC recently received information about where Silver Eagles over the past few years were actually minted. As such, we have added the appropriate slots." The referenced article does not support this statement. There are vague references about where they think these coins were minted. "officials say they 'believe they have an idea' which coins were struck at which facility" "Mint officials acknowledge that the silver bullion coins struck at the West Point Mint are robotically tubed, primarily, they note that the facility 'also employs manual tubing'." "the grading service developed its theories" "The service "speculates" that manual tubing of coins accounts for the tubes with lower quality coins" "grading service will identify the Mint of production on the grading label 'if definitely known'" "Coins struck at the San Francisco and Philadelphia Mints, boxed in tubes and secured with 'generic U.S. Mint straps', are also shipped from those two facilities for pickup at the West Point Mint. " There is no possible way to "definitely know" where any of these coins were minted in 2015 and 2016 and should not be labeled as such. I also have complete Silver Eagle sets and think the "struck at" labels are just a money maker for NGC except for the San Francisco banded monster boxes which were known from 2011 to 2014. All the others were from West Point and there is no need to label them as "struck at West Point" and then have a slot for a generic label for the same year since there is no difference, both were struck at West Point.
  6. It is no longer necessary to have the "struck at West Point" designation on American Silver Eagle labels? 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 had some of the silver eagles stuck at San Francisco and the designation made sense because these silver eagles could be identified by the sealing strap on the green monster box. Now all silver eagles are struck at West Point only and the designation makes no sense. It simply adds an additional coin to the registry list having a label that signifies no difference at all from any other silver eagle minted after 2014. Perhaps the registry list needs changed to reflect these facts by removing the "struck at West Point" coins from 2015 on. It is simply a label signifying nothing since all silver eagles are struck there. Thanks for your consideration, Jerry
  7. "Retired United States Mint Chief Engraver John Mercanti gives wing to Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ famous design on a new medal available from GovMint.com." Source: http://www.coinworld.com/news/us-coins/2016/04/john-mercanti-revives-20-dollar-designs.html How can you include these overpriced medals from a non-government source in the "Coin" registry? Why not add all the Franklin Mint junk too? Just think how much NGC could make certifying all these things...
  8. I would like to request a competitive set listing the NGC Eagle Silver $1 "20th Anniversary Collection". These were special label, numbered sets of all 20 (1986-2005) silver eagles in mint state and proof. There were 2005 sets of each. The coins in these sets are shown as a separate type when viewing registry coin scores which confirms (to me at least) they are a unique set of silver eagles. I have a custom set but I am really curious how many complete sets are left. Thanks for your consideration.