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  1. Can you submit world coins and US coins in the same box as long as there is a separate submission for supplied?
  2. Having trouble putting Jefferson Proof in my set> 4559878-018. Would also like to know if the Enhanced 2017S will be eligible for the set?
  3. How do I find out how much credit in my account? Is there a place to look?
  4. Are you going to add the shield Lincoln to the set? Seems like it will be here for a whaile? Thanks Mike
  5. $5 Gold Indian PCGS 82411891 not showing as an available coin in my type set. Mike's US Type Set
  6. I tried to enter 2708523-010 into the 2016 Burnished slot in my set and I get a message Coin not valid for set. The set is Mike's Silver Eagles
  7. Can't add 4512375-006 T Roosevelt 5 Oz to my set. Tried for several days Thanks Mike