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  1. PCGS shows only 3 graded in cameo Ike in proof And the price guide show a nice premum for the type PCGS Price guide You will need to click on the + symbol for 1971-S Ike in cameo
  2. Thanks for adding David Halls comment on them I did not know that, As far as how many? They just don't come up on eBay for sale very often. The all zeros rattler type 1, I have seen many in comparison.
  3. Very Nice Sample you all have posted.
  4. Here is a sample that I picked up some time ago and Sample Slabs by Cameron K. Has it listed as type 1 Sample Slabs book by David Schwager has it catalog as NGC-010-2-4
  5. This is my new purchase. It is the first type of samples by PCGS and it is the proof Roosevelt dime. Sample Slabs by Cameron Kiefer list it as a Type 1.1, and The new Sample Slabs Book By David Schwager which list it with a catalog number of PCGS-010-1-2