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  1. Yes, I will be sending in my old inserts. I like to keep the census/populations reports as accurate as I can.
  2. This coin is now crossed over to an NGC holder in the same grade.
  3. Well I am an avid collector of Belgian Congo coins from the beginning (1887) to 1999. There are a numerous overdates in this series. Given the condition of your piece, it would not be worth much of any premium. Now if it was mint state it could be worth a decent price. That being said, there are two overdates that I am aware of for this date, 1925/3 and 1925/4.
  4. This is an awesome achievement my friend! Congratulations!!!
  5. A very rare copper pattern from the John Jay Pittman collection. I bought this myself via mail bid from the August 6-8, 1999 sale. A beautiful coin and an almost never encountered pattern.
  6. Belgian Congo 1947 5 Francs NGC MS65. Only three graded this high at NGC with one higher. Check out my complete Belgian Congo Collection in the Custom Sets. "Best World Set" for 2014
  7. Very interesting coin to study and ponder. Good hypotheses and thoughts on this coin. If only we had a time machine handy.
  8. This is not a new coin to me, but I did have it regraded from an ICG (PF68DCAM) holder to an NGC holder (PF66), which I do believe it the proper grade. The coin is an extremely rare Belgian Congo/Democratic Republic of Congo 1965 silver 100 Francs piece, which is far rarer than it's gold counterparts. In nearly 20 years this is the only example that I have found, and I am always on the hunt. If you ever find another one or one of the other denominations in silver, please let me know.
  9. My most recent acquisition is a Mexican 1800 1 Real in NGC MS63. Pretty coin that will join mt 1800 1/2 Real. I think I will try to put together a mint state 1800 silver set.
  10. One of my favorite coins, and who could really have only one?, is the Congo Free State/Belgian Congo 1887 5 Francs of KM 8.2 with the full legend "Roi Des Belges". Only 100 coins were struck that year, and very few remain available. I am really interested in the piece that sold at Heritage last year, which was struck in proof format NGC PF66. The coin is believed to be unique in proof. That piece sold for $44,650 (including buyer's fee). I was one of the significant underbidders at $36,425 (including buyer's fee). I just couldn't afford it. Fortunately, I found out who bought the coin and he has promised to consider selling it to me in the future when he is ready to part with it. Hopefully by then I will be able to afford it.
  11. I submitted 39 coins all PCGS graded. I think that NGC has tightened it's grading standards a bit. A few coins that did not cross I could understand. But several other that did not cross I did not agree with. All but one coin that did cross, crossed at the same grade. One coin, which is funny, upgraded from a PCGS MS62 to an NGC MS63. The funny thing about this is that this coin was previously graded MS61 by NGC when I submitted it some time ago. I always believed that it should have graded MS63, and well, now it is. The deal for submitting crossovers is quite fair, but I think that some of the coins that did not cross would have graded the same grades as they were graded by PCGS if they had been submitted raw. But of course I would not take that chance. Even with the current, and good deal provided by NGC, it still costs a considerable sum of money to have the coins crossed over, especially adding in shipping and fees, etc. Since some of us are not wealthy, I would like to see their crossover special extended well beyond April.
  12. A nice outstanding gem to add to your collection! Bravo! Keep hunting.
  13. It was a great show Tony. I found a piece that there are only 3 pieces known/graded. It is from Katanga. I plan on writing a journal on it soon. If you are ever up here let me know. I appreciate the compliment on my collection. It's forever a work in progress. I actually just upgraded an extremely rare pattern, which you know is a tough thing to do. I'll sell the lesser piece soon. Congratulations again. Keep on collecting! Scott
  14. Congratulations my friend. I know how you feel. My award just showed up in my mailbox one day and I was so surprised. I just submitted 39 coins for crossover when I was at the NYINC show. I'm excited to get my coins back in nice fresh slabs. Even with the great deal they are giving until April, it is still not so cheap to have so many coins crossed over. You can have them image your items for you if you like. Even though they sometimes forget to do it unless you remind them, they do take very nice photos. I only ever had one occasion where the photos that they initially sent me were horrible, but after emailing with them they somehow managed to send me some great photos. If we lived close to one another I would photograph your coins for you. Be proud of your great efforts and collections. Those of us who have spent so many years on collections, and having modest means as well, have a lot to be proud of!