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  1. The Royal Mint just started a new series called Music Legends. It's an annual program and each year they'll feature a different band on silver, 1/4 gold, and 1oz gold coins. The first band was Queen and the two gold pieces sold out immediately. Here's mine, got it to add to my Symphony Set. The first modern band to make it into the Symphony Set!
  2. It's always a great feeling, that anticipation before buying a coin you've wanted for a while. And even better when you feel financially confident in the purchase, that really lets you enjoy the coin and not worry about the sticker price. I know this feeling well.
  3. Thanks for watching! I don't yet, but you can subscribe on YouTube, or just follow along here as I'll post all of my coin videos as journal entries.
  4. Mike, thanks for watching! Sounds like you've put together quite the set, congrats! This coin is in my Symphony Set, which is also under the custom sets here on NGC, the direct link is here:
  5. It really depends on the coin, from what I've seen, CAC can add anywhere from a 5% premium to a 100% premium (look at the selling price in MS Pre-33 gold for PCGS graded coins, CAC stickered gold coins sell for almost double in the same grade). I tend to think of CAC as a perk, a bonus, like credit card cash back... it's not going to get me to buy a coin I wouldn't otherwise, but when it's offered on a coin I like, it just makes the deal even better. In your example here, I would go with whichever coin has the better eye appeal to you. Which one do you like looking at more? Chances are other c
  6. Thanks! I wish there had been more accessible resources when I first started collecting. I fell into the conditional rarity trap real hard and real fast and it cost me a bunch of money for that education. Hoping to make a few more vids like this so others don't fall into the same traps.
  7. None of this should be news to most collectors here, but the vast majority of my online followers are not coin collectors and ask all the time why some coins are worth so much money! So I thought I'd attempt an answer for them.
  8. On the contrary, competition is good for the consumer. *If* NGC and PCGS combined to form one company, they could charge whatever they wanted for grading and you'd have to pay it, as you'd have no alternative. That $17 Modern tier could easily be $60 tomorrow if there were no competition. As it stand now, PCGS and NGC can't raise prices too much because then everyone would just use the other (cheaper) service, since both carry roughly the same premium when it comes time to sell. If anything it'd be nice to see a real third competitor enter the market just to help keep prices low and services c
  9. I like the powerpoint idea, I might have to try that, I've been wrestling with how to digitally display my collection as well. I tried making PDFs of sets, and I might do my own online gallery on my website, but I hadn't thought of powerpoint. I just want something that's a bit cleaner and better organized while the Registry is such a split mess here.
  10. Funny, I just mentioned this in my video two days ago and a couple people challenged the idea, saying that the side with the date isn't always the obverse, which, while true, it is *usually* the side with the date.
  11. @Revenant Totally! Which is why I mentioned it is sometimes referred to as the reverse, I've seen listings describe it as both, there doesn't seem to be a consensus and maybe that's something Forster never even thought about, I don't know. I just didn't want to state "this is the obverse" so absolutely without mentioning that others call it the reverse, and then throwing in my two cents on why I consider it the obverse. Also, that's a nice 10G!
  12. This is the second in a series of posts which highlight various standout pieces from my personal collection. Today we're taking a look at my 1795 Middlesex-Forster's token, one of the first pieces purchased for my Symphony Set. You can view hi-res pictures here (or just enjoy them in the video!). Obverse: Crown and date surrounded by musical notation for "God Save The King", which is also the melody used for "America (My Country, Tis of Thee)". Reverse: "WM Forster. Violin, Tenor & Violoncello Maker" along with the address in a double circle, surrounding The Prince of Wales’
  13. Congrats! Glad they didn't do away with it, I love reading everyone's journal!
  14. Congrats on the pickups and the giveaway win! I love those Libertad proof sets, I need to own more of them.
  15. Thanks! I plan on doing a couple a week for the foreseeable future (have a long list of video ideas written down so I can start researching), then we'll see where things go with regards to feedback and interest.
  16. Yeah, the big dealers are pre-selling hundreds/thousands of them at that price, they are setting the market price (for now, anyway) on these coins. Why would anyone come along and sell for less when a.) there's no profit to be made already, and b.) they know they can easily sell it for the same price as MCM and the others.
  17. Based on last year's numbers, you can expect 87% 70s and 13% 69s. And yes, the 69s lose money. The only way I can see making some decent money here is by getting First Day of Issue Labels, as those only cost $8 on bulk submissions per coin, but you can charge $35 more for them (meaning, MCM and the other majors *are* charging $35 more for them). So that takes you to a $20 profit (once you subtract the label fees and increased selling fees on the higher price). But with how backed up the Mint's shipping is right now, good luck getting them to your house and then back out the door to NGC within
  18. I considered buying 100 of these from the Mint and sending in a bulk submission to NGC so I could then sell them on eBay. With pre-sales for PF 70s at $97.95 from all the major bullion dealers, should be some decent profit, right? Then I ran the numbers... Ouch!
  19. Yeah, it's a few of the 2019 American Liberty High Relief Silver Medals and the 2019 American Liberty High Relief Gold Coin, along with the 2018 and 2019 proof Innovation Dollar sets.
  20. Made a quick unboxing video of my latest US Mint order. I sent most of it off to NGC yesterday for grading. I'll post a follow up video once I get the order back from NGC so everyone can see the grades I get.
  21. Thanks! Most of the valuable coins aren't kept here at the house most of the time. And I work from home, so I'm always here, the house is not left unguarded ever. It's been well known that I collect coins on my social media for ten years now without incident (aside from a few people assuming I'm super rich and asking for "loans" from time to time).
  22. Thanks so much! Regarding the technical error, you're right, of course, I guess I meant to say it was struck in gold as opposed to copper or brass or any other metal (obvious to collectors, but not so to my facebook friends and YouTube followers). Unfortunately winging it without a -script usually ends up with small errors like that. But when I've tried working with a --script in the past, I sounded like a robot. So I'd rather have the more-human presentation with the potential for a few small errors than the perfect robot presentation. If I were a better actor or voiceover performer I could h
  23. After the wonderful response to my previous Journal entry, the first in my Collection Highlights series, I decided to turn the idea into a video series as well. So from here on out, each Collection Highlight post will be presented as both a text Journal entry, and a short video like the one featured here. This being the first video in the series, I hope you'll check it out and let me know what you think. Any feedback on information or features that should be added to future videos in this series will be duly noted!