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  1. Three 1oz gold American Eagles, MS 69, PF 69 UC, and the reverse PF 69. All graded by NGC. All with the 20th Anniversary label. Asking $5,500 for the set. Price includes insured Priority shipping.
  2. Final price drop and it's huge - $3,500 for the complete MS 70 set. Someone take these off my hands.
  3. For anyone considering building their own independent competitive registry (there's been quite a bit of talk about it here), it would be nearly impossible. Neither NGC nor PCGS offer an API for their certification look-up tools, so you couldn't authenticate that any given coin is the grade the user says it is. Meaning there is a lot of room for abuse (I create a collection of double eagles and say they're all MS 70, who can prove me wrong? Or I create a type set and add all of Bill's certification numbers in my slots, will your software stop me? Will you offer enough customer support to address Bill's concerns when he writes to you about it?). At best you could hire someone to manually look up the certification numbers and approve listings as they come in, but that would be a full time job (and the registry definitely would not produce enough traffic to pay for itself, let alone hiring someone on salary). And then you'd have to add in ANACS and ICG, again, no API tool for certification look ups (and remember, everyone wants the registry to be inclusive so the top four at a minimum should be included). Then there are the competitive sets themselves. How do you go about building those with everyone wanting so many specialized sets, and people arguing over which coins should be included and which shouldn't. Me personally, I'd use some kind of third-party standard, like the Red Book. If it's listed in the Red Book, it's in the competitive set. So if you want your highly-specialized variety in the competitive set, petition the Red Book, not the registry. But that only works for the US. There is no Red Book for Canadian coins, or Australia's mint, etc. Then the scoring... population reports are changing every day, and again, no API tool. So how do you determine the score for any coin in any grade? PCGS's approach of grade x multiplier for rarity is a bit cleaner than NGC's algo, but still requires you to assign a rarity multiplier to every single coin. Taking the above into consideration the only real choice is to build a showcase site, non-competitive, that lets you build custom sets. But CollectiveCoin and even Photobucket already allow you to do this, so I'm not sure there's a need for yet another site. All that to say, I own but I'm not sure there's anything that can be done with it.
  4. The ANA doesn't have a registry, they have a section where you can upload photos of your coins, like photobucket or collectivecoin. This could be developed into a registry at some point, but it is not currently anything close to a registry. Just wanted to clear that up for anyone who hasn't logged in to their ANA account to check it out.
  5. Yeah it's not a label error, every reverse proof libertad is graded as "prooflike", here's mine:
  6. Tyrock, that's because of the recent dip in gold prices, so it's not a "sale" really, it's just the mint adjusts for precious metals prices.
  7. I have one of these too, they call it "Prooflike" because that's how Mexico's Mint described the coin, they called it "Prooflike" not Reverse Proof. I think it's silly too, but that's why.
  8. Got my order too, I have the first two coins so this completes the set. The first two didn't get much love here so I didn't bother mentioning it.
  9. Personally, I'm fine with it. I only have one single non-NGC-graded coin in my sets so it won't impact me. And the other big registry has been exclusive for a while (since its beginning?). But I'm sure there are others who will be upset (as the letter acknowledges).