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  1. SET CATEGORY: Silver Eagles, 1986 - Date, Mint State, Specimen, & Proof, including Varieties & Special Pedigrees SLOT NAMES: 1) 2019 W Chicago ANA Releases Proof Silver Eagle 2) 2019 W Chicago ANA Releases Burnished Silver Eagle
  2. Earlier this week I had an opportunity to pick up a number of interesting Republic of the Philippines Mint Error coins in Heritage Auctions Weekly On Line World Coin Auction. The most interesting of the group is a 1964 5 Centavos with an Elliptical Clip Mint Error. The Elliptical Clip gives the Planchet a distinctive "Football shape". This is the first time that I have seen this type of Mint Error in a Philippine coin. The coin is graded ANACS MS62. I will need to send it to NGC with my next batch of submissions so that I can add it to my Philippine Mint Errors Custom Registry Set. https://c
  3. With the initial load of new additions, it may take a few business days. Thanks for your support. Please see this post: When will my PCGS coins get approved?
  4. I have a number of PCGS coins that were grandfathered into my competitive sets back in the old days before the rule banning PCGS coins. I want to add them to a "One Per Date" set that NGC created after the PCGS coin ban. Since these coins are already in my pre rule change competitive sets is there any way that NGC can automatically make them available for other competitive sets or must I add them one at a time to the "New Registry"? If I add a PCGS coin that is already in the old competitive registry to the new registry will the pictures and owner comments entered in the old compet