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  1. I buy cheap after the first owner lost $ on modern Canada coins! I got tired of losing to NGC! Thks!
  2. lqueen6

    New CAR...

    I do not own any Gold Central American Republic. I do own a few silver coins! 1/4R 1826 pl66!, 1837 ms66, 8R 1846 ms64 I hope you get more! Thanks, Larry Queen
  3. I recently recently acquired Canada 1974 & 1975 sp67 dimes. NGC will not let me put them into my #1 competitive set! NGC starts Canada sp dimes at 1976. NGC nickels start at 1953. Please make your Canada dimes to also start at 1953. Thanks!
  4. I recently purchased 4 Canada NGC sp67 dimes. They are 1974, 1975, 1978, 1979. The 1978 & 1979 are in the competitive set. My 1974 & 1975 are refused from the competitive set. Please add these to the NGC competitive set. Dimes start at 1976. Nickels start at 1953. Please make dimes the same! Thanks!
  5. The new ANA electronic old records are better than the originals! The ability to do instant searches on 127 years are great! Thanks!
  6. I would like some Canada Competitive set help! I ordered a NGC 1974 & 1975 sp67 dimes. For some unknown reasons Canada SP dimes start at 1976! Canada Nickel SP's start at 1953! Please do the same for dimes! Thanks!
  7. I complained about the lack of NGC Canada coins competitive support in 2012. Lack of Canada Support HAS NOT CHANGED! In 2015 there are many no point competitive values for 2013-15 Canada coins. Why would many want to grade if no points were offered? Thanks!
  8. My NGC Canada Nickels: 1. I just ordered a CANADA NGC 1937 Mat 66 nickel. Please add 1937 proof support to put it in! 2. I am still waiting on corrected points for my 1951 pl66 nickel. At least give regular 66 points of 517. I feel abused when my key only gets 20! Thanks!
  9. lqueen6

    NGC PL sets

    When I tried to add to my George Canada 5 cents with a PL, PL was added. Some of my favorite PL's are USA! My US State Quarters are ALL PL. (NO REGULAR WANTED!) Can this be added as a PL set? Thanks!
  10. I purchased the FINEST PL known of a unpopular coin! Only 2 PL's exist one 63 & my 66! My coin is a Canada NGC 1951 pl66 low res nickel. Ngc is still denying my right to put this coin in my George Nickel set. Ngc only lets in INFERIOR junk. I hope they let me get this in! Thanks!