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  1. Has anyone heard if there is going to be a NGC event or luncheon at FUN this year? I have not heard anything about it.
  2. BillJones

    General Observation

    That is not necessarily true. At the time that the NGC registry stopped accepting PCGS coins, I was working on a set Classic Head Quarter Eagles (1834 to 1839). I was within three coins of completing the set when NGC made the policy change. Since I was that close, I decided finish the set with PCGS coins and posted it there. It is now the #2 set over there behind Hanson’s coins. I don’t like the format of the PCGS registry as well as the NGC registry, but given the circumstances, I used it. I looked at some graded NGC coins to fill the holes, but in the end, I pushed to finish the set with PCGS coins which I have done. The NGC move had the opposite effect for me. It lowed my demand for NGC graded coins. To me education is one of the most important aspects of the hobby. Now that I will be able to post my complete set here, I will be able to provide collectors with a commentary about each of the coins that is the set. My Classic $5 gold set has quite a mix of NGC and PCGS graded. Now I will be able to show that complete set here as well. My 1838-C is an NCG graded coin, and my 1838-D is a PCGS graded piece. It would cost me a pile of money to move either of those coins to the other service, and I don’t spend money on crossovers in any case. I buy the coin, not the plastic.
  3. I posted four PCGS graded coins for the registry early this moning. In the past, the PCGS coins were approved during one business day. It's now about 10 hours later, and I have not seen my coins come up. Now that we at a weekend it will probably be next week before can they be considered.
  4. BillJones

    General Observation

    I disagree. NGC is showing that they are willing to sponsor a registry that includes larger population of the best coins that are out there. I have spent a lot of money on building a collection composed of the best coins I could afford from both services. It really hurt me a couple years ago when NGC banned any more PCGS coins. I will be more active now that I can post all of my coins one registry.
  5. Now I have learned that the "Drag File" feature is next to useless. You have to use the "Choose Files." Here is a Swedish medal in silver. I have also have one in bronze.
  6. Here is the reverse of the piece from the previous post. The second set of photos, if they show are the large medal which has the same design. There was also a silver medal in the large size which is very rare.
  7. I was born and raised in Delaware, and I have a number of items from the 1938 celebration. In addition to the Delaware commemorative half dollar, there were also a number of medals that were issued at the same time. This first piece is about the size of a half dollar. It is listed in the So-Called Dollars book. Interestingly there were at least some these that went unsold at least 20 years after the event. I bought this one on my fifth grade field trip in 1959. I am sorry ... I find this site very frustrating. I don't know how to post more than one picture per message, no matter how hard I try. I have many items I could share, but I can't post them here.
  8. The 1802 dollar has a slight rub on the high points of the design. The main fault that some collectors might have with it is dark toning. I can’t see any aspect of the piece that would me to believe that it has been dipped or cleaned.
  9. That 1802 dollar is graded AU-58 by PCGS, I think that is the correct grade.
  10. I am on a hotel server, and it’s acting odd. I had no intention to post this. Perhaps you with withdraw your post so that I can withdraw mine.
  11. I agree with @Walkerfanwhen it comes to NGC losing business. When I got toward the end of my Classic Head $2.50 set, I needed two coins. In the old days would have been very open to buying NGC coins to fill those slots, but since the other coins were PCGS, I decided to look for only their product to fill those slots. At least I could display my complete set somewhere when I got done. I passed on an 1839-C Quarter Eagle because it was in an NGC holder Today the set is on the PCGS registry, which not as good as the. NGC software for showing sets, IMO. It is in second place behind Hanson who seems to have almost unlimited resources. According to PCGS, it’s rated among the top five of all time. I take that with a grain of salt because of the modern grading issues. I won’t be catching Hanson, but at least I can display the whole set somewhere. I compiled the Classic $5 set too, but it is NGC and PCGS graded and cannot be shown anywhere in its entirety despite the fact that there are some condition census coins in it. This “NGC only” decision did not help the hobby, and it, on balance, it has not helped NGC.
  12. Drink you Kool Aid and go away. I understand the CAC model, and you do not. It is marketing with a grading accuracy component. Read their ads in “The Coin Dealer Newsletter,” and you will see that As for why I retired as a dealer was because I got old; my wife and I are financially secure; and she wanted me to retire. If you write any more fiction about my personal life, I will not respond. If you want to talk about collecting, history or economics, I will respond. If you attack me because I do not agree with you about CAC, I will ignore you.
  13. If the coin is over graded, JA should not put a sticker on it. What is it about that concept that you can't understand? CAC is supposed to protect collectors from over graded materal. I get it. You are a CAC Kool Aid drinker. You probably have a vested interest in pushing the product because you are either a CAC authorized dealer, have invested heavily in CAC graded coins or both. Others have tried to brow beat me into becoming a CAC cheerleader, so what you are doing is nothing new. I'm out. Enjoy your Kool Aid, but don't expect me to join you. The game is over for me. The table that was supporting the Kool Aid stand split down the middle for me a couple of years ago.
  14. Sorry, but I don't know anything about gambling counters. I have never collected them.