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  1. Going To Finish Some Sets Hello everyone. I hope you all had a great Christmas. I got some proof sets from family members, to add to my collection, so I was very happy. In the coming year, I am looking to put a bow on some of the sets I haven't worked on in awhile. Here are my goals for 2017: 1. Finish my Ike set. 2. Finish my Washington quarter set (1932 - 1964) 3. Finish my Presidential proof set, even though I hate that the mint started making reverse proofs at the end of the series. 4. Once those are finished, work my Morgan Dollar set to 50% completion. 5. Work my Peace Dollar set to 50% completion or higher. What are your goals for the coming year? Marcus See more journals by Texan's Coins
  2. Classy gesture, Josh. There seems to be mutual respect both directions. Awesome to see.
  3. This unfortunately for me is a catch 22. I love the concept of Ancients, but I would have no idea how to get started. Emperors? Countries? Concepts? Also, I don't know how to identify most Ancients. Because of that, it paralyzes me from starting, no matter how much they fascinate me. Can you recommend any books for beginners?
  4. Gorgeous coin! What is your next conquest, now that you have taken down this mountain?
  5. A little early... As you know, I am trying to get some of my cousins' kids interested in coins. I sent my cousins Sonia and Claudia each a proof set, an album for holding 2x2s and Sacagawea folders, in addition to $5 worth of cent rolls. I didn't wrap the cents and they tore through those trying to fill holes in the folders I got them this summer. Everything else was wrapped and they will open those Christmas Day. My cousin sent me video and pictures and they seemed legitimately excited. I also included extra 2x2s and I will send them random old coins periodically throughout the year. Another cousin, I got her twin boys (11 months) a couple of mint medals each. My cousin David, I am giving his son a Morgan Dollar kn Christmas Day. I'm having almost as much fun doing this as I am adding to my own collection. Almost... I just purchased a MS65 FBL Franklin for my Type Set. Happy Holidays and Happy Collecting. Marcus See more journals by Texan's Coins
  6. Found some great coins Good morning, everyone. So as you know, I work at a bank and enjoy the amount of cash that I have access to. This week was particularly fun. On Tuesday, I had to open a box of nickels, so I opened the flaps and looked at the coins at the end of that roll. Nothing. I then flipped the box over, lifted it and started examining the coins on the other end of the rolls. Wouldn't you know it, I saw a big P staring at me. I don't remember the year, because the coin is downstairs, but I found a nice War Nickel. Yesterday, I had to open a box of quarters. I didn't even have to flip the box over this time. I looked at the coins and I see one that looks old. I use my fingernail to pull back on the wrapper so I could see the date and 1935. I pulled it out and saw that it had an S mint mark. Not great condition, but around VG or so. I hope you all find the coins that you're looking for. If I don't post on here again before the holidays are over, I wish you and your families peace, happiness and all the best. Marcus See more journals by Texan's Coins
  7. If I didn't know any better, I would say you like Walking Liberty halves. Congratulations on finishing the sets. That is definitely a great experience. I also know what you mean when a YN sees something new or exciting for the first time. It is a ton of fun for me.
  8. Reflection As we work our way toward the end of 2016, the polls have closed so to speak, for the Registry Awards. Good luck to everyone with their competitive sets! I look back at my collecting year and it has been a good one. I pushed my Morgan Dollar collection over 25% complete and am down to my last 3 coins in my Jefferson Proof collection. I have recently added a few coins to my Type Set and am enjoying buying coins for it that are outside what I am normally collecting. I am working on getting some of my cousins' kids into collecting. One has taken a liking to his Lincoln coin folder. Under the suggestion of one of you, I plan to give him one of my ungraded Morgan dollars in addition to a number of rolls of Lincolns to search through. Another cousin and her sister enjoyed the proof sets that I sent them, so I am sending them another proof set each in addition to Sacagawea folders. Both of their grandparents' families are Native American, so I plan to help them with their Sacagawea sets, in addition to getting them an example of a Buffalo nickel and Indian Head cent. I'll also add a letter explaining what I have gotten them, since I probably won't be able to call them on Christmas. In addition to my gains, I also have to laugh at my missteps. When we moved in January, part of our packing was throwing random things into bags and boxes. A lot of those bags and boxes ended up in the garage for about 7 months. Recently as we were organizing the garage, I looked in a back pack that contained about 4 or 5 Jefferson Nickels that I have purchased since we moved, thus making them duplicates. What can you do, right? ) What some of your successes or laughable moments from the year 2016? Marcus See more journals by Texan's Coins
  9. Did I miss something?! I was on Ebay shopping for Proof sets for my Goddaughter and her sister. Her sister was born in 2012 and proof sets are going for $100+ Did I miss something? Are the Presidential Dollars made with gold, or did these not sell in any sort of quantity from the mint in 2012? Marcus See more journals by Texan's Coins