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    I am gonna miss that car.

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  1. thats awesome John do you have any applicants for the scholarship yet?
  2. mhomei

    Beautifully Toned Coins Featured this Week!

    great website with awesome picture..... pm sent
  3. just left a phone message at your 347 #
  4. mhomei

    Several Morgans for sale (Off to ebay)

    Recieved my coin today...thanks!!! very nice pictures but the coin was even nicer!!!!
  5. VAM-2, Business strike both sides
  6. mhomei

    If you are a GSA collector

    love those GSA's great read
  7. Date Position and reverse bow for starters is it a near date? or a normal date? and is it slanted at all? there are a series of polish lines inside the bow as well as the wing gap and these areas are commonly polished so an exact match of the lines would be needed to confirm the reverse die used for you coin.
  8. mhomei

    I need some type coins.

    I have a nice 1917 xf mercury dime if interested shoot me a pm with your email and I will send you a photo.