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  1. EVillageProwler

    My updated NEWPS for the year

    AU is the grade. The metal is clearly specified as EL. Brain cramp. I blame a prolonged period of lack of enough sleep.
  2. EVillageProwler

    My updated NEWPS for the year

    Nice stuff, JCM. Question about the Ionia 1/24 Stater: how is it AU and not EL? I thought at that time people hadn't developed refinement technology yet to purify EL into AU? EVP
  3. EVillageProwler

    David J. Ginsburg passes

    Obituary for Dave Terribly sad news. I've known him for so long. Nice guy. We last caught up at the NYINC 2015 show, which wasn't really enough time...
  4. EVillageProwler

    Unexpected results for currency at rural auction

    Is it wrong to fault the auction house for having done a lousy job researching, cataloging and promoting the currency lots?
  5. EVillageProwler

    HA Seller's Fee by Electric Peak Collection

    While the numbers presented may seem disappointing at first blush, let me ask some questions... Are these numbers typical for the industry and the type of items? How do these numbers compare to a straight retail consignment of comparable material? How do these numbers compare to the cost, effort and time of a DIY listing? I'm a buyer, not a seller, so I've no real-world idea what it takes to sell a book or Internet domain or pretty much anything else. EVP
  6. EVillageProwler

    Anglo Saxon silver sceat....UK find

    Hi, This forum is for discussions, not buying, selling or trading. Try to Market Place forum if you want to sell this coin. EVP
  7. EVillageProwler

    Really??? Heritage Typo.

    I always assumed that Platinum lots are $10k or more, but to be honest I don't recall how I came to that assumption. EVP
  8. EVillageProwler

    Really??? Heritage Typo.

    I'm not knowledgable with the Frankie market, but I'm a bit surprised that this coin's value qualifies it for the Platinum session.
  9. EVillageProwler

    Happy Birthday...

    I love how you read into a message whatever suits your particular need. You mean like you did about the thread? Sometimes, I think you live for being a troll. There was NO need, whatsoever, of you having to reply to the thread, other than trolling. None. I will join in wishing LS a Happy Birthday! Haven't met her, don't always agree with her, but I do think she has her heart in the right place for the hobby and participants and wish her the best! /yawn/ Circle the wagons! Nice picture, troll. Let me know when you decide to become a fair-minded, decent human being. EVP
  10. EVillageProwler

    Happy Birthday...

    I see you've been taking spelling lessons from her. Thanks for your valuable feedback. Don't mention it. This thread was clearly posted to get a "rise" out of all of the people here who so adore Ms. Sperber. Thanks for blessing us with your occasional presence EVP, even if to stir a pot. Wow. Love it when a relative noob tells a long-time member that he's an intruder. FYI - I was around in the early days helping this site increase its membership. Anyway, enough about me. This thread should've been an innocuous one, with it fading organically away from lack of interest (if indeed there is a lack of interest), but you had to come along and spout hate. How's that Taylor Swift song go? Haters always want to hate, hate, hate. Shake it off. Shake it off. EVP
  11. EVillageProwler

    Happy Birthday...

    I see you've been taking spelling lessons from her. Thanks for your valuable feedback.
  12. EVillageProwler

    Happy Birthday...

    to Laura Sperber. She is a lightning rod for controversy, to be sure, but I am told today is her birthday and I'd like to take this opportunity to wish her long life and good health. EVP
  13. EVillageProwler

    Is "WINGS" like CAC?

    Brandon, You're right in pointing out that I was looking at WINGS from a U.S. market perspective. That I don't know LT is no indication of his lack of bonafides. EVP
  14. EVillageProwler

    Is "WINGS" like CAC?

    John Albanese is known amongst the U.S. crowd. Whether we value CAC or not, we certainly know JA's bonafides. I know nothing of the folks behind WINGS, and it doesn't help that they don't make a market in their stickered coins unlike EagleEye and CAC. EVP