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  1. A rumor is if people just posted an emoticon in a thread that those are the ones that are missing. I went from over 19,000 posts to now a little over 18,000. I must have posted a lot of emoticons over the years.
  2. I wonder if silver dropping in prices these last few years had an effect? About $16 an oz,while in 2011 it was over $50.
  3. Wow.....really? After everything, I think I just have to laugh! No disrespect meant. The coins will probably never be worth much,but I got to think the 1964 Kennedy half will go down as one of the most influential coins that got people into coin collecting,similar to the Washington state quarters. The Washington state quarters will never have great value,but just like the Kennedy 64 half dollar they launched a lot of people into coin collecting! There is the true beauty!
  4. US circulation. This. Just because it started my path on the love of coins. Grandfather gave me a bunch when I was a kid.
  5. Just because something is old doesn`t mean it`s worth something. I tell this to my sister and nephew all the time as they just started doing storage wars stuff. All they buy is old junk that nobody wants anymore. Your better off buying Lego and video games. Get into the modern hobbies and ride them out until they too die off like their collectors that hoarded them. Young generations for the most part don`t want old generations junk,especially now into the digital age. Sad,but true and no disrespect. Kind of like people who cut out old baseball box scores to hoard found out their hobby worthless overnight now that all box scores can be looked at with a few internet clicks.