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  1. You can limit bidding to only established ebay users who have more than X number of positive feedbacks as a buyer. That won’t reduce your risk to zero but at least makes the scammer invest significant effort in creating a history of positive transactions.
  2. Congratulations on a #1 set! And congratulations on getting NGC to create a basic set that does NOT include unintended varieties. It has irritated me for a long time that a “basic” Morgan dollar set includes such unintended errors as the 1882-O/S, 1887/6, 1887/6-O and 1900-O/CC. Basic sets should include only those coins that were intentionally released as designed from the Mint.
  3. Thanks for sharing this. I don’t collect foreign coins but anything with a direct connection to James Watt would definately catch my interest (I’m a retired Mechanical Engineer).
  4. Thanks, but I’m only looking for a 45-P in an older slab in trade for mine.
  5. OK, I’ll try one. I have a 1945-P Jefferson nickel, NGC MS-67 in a recent edge-view slab. It is the only regular issue coin in my War Mickel set that is in an edge-view, so I would like to swap it for a 1945-P, NGC MS-67 in an older, non- edge view holder. Any interest?
  6. I always look at the header to see who is listing on Marketplace. If it’s this character (which it is, usually several times a week) I ignore it. Spam it is.
  7. Also look out for nickels dated 1942 through 1945. Those with a large mint mark on the reverse above Monticello are a silver alloy and worth way more than a nickel.
  8. 1) Maybe the guy was just having a bad day. 2) Or maybe he’s just a total jerk. My bet is on #2. Hope your day improved from there.
  9. My “first gold” coin is nothing special numismatically but means a lot to me. It was 1965, I was 13 and had saved up $25 from allowance and grass mowing jobs. My coin collection at the time consisted of what was in circulation at the time, up through quarters (you hardly ever saw half dollars then), but I wanted something old and unusual. I used that $25 to buy a circulated 1852 quarter eagle - 100 years older than I was. I still have it, or should say my wife has it, mounted in a bezel on a gold chain. I added a few more over the years but that 1852 is still the oldest gold coin I have.
  10. If the owner has it included in his #1 Registry set, he should remove it from the set. I guess he could keep it or send it back to NGC for correction, but scoring Registry points for it is flagrant cheating. Labeling errors happen. I once bought what was described and labeled as a 1952-S FBL Franklin, based on a good price and some fuzzy photos. When it arrived, it was a 1952-D with a 1952-S label. I returned it to the seller.
  11. At this price, I’m a millionaire!
  12. UPDATE: The graded coin arrived today. From now through Saturday I’m reducing my price to $600 for insured Priority Mail shipment, including the original Mint packaging. After Saturday it goes to ebay. Thanks for looking!
  13. 2020-W American Silver Eagle with the “V75” privy mark, just graded PF70UC today by NGC. It has the “V75” label and is designated Early Releases. This coin is being shipped to me today, December 3 and should be here by Monday Dec. 7. There are currently dozens of listings on ebay for these at $700 and up, and almost all are pre-sales. The photo is a generic coin to show the label details. My price of $650 includes the original Mint packaging and insured Priority Mail shipping the day after the coin arrives from NGC. Paypal is preferred.