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  1. Very sorry to hear. Thanks for the update and for letting us know that our financial info is safe. Hope that you are able to resolve it soon.
  2. It's an NGC generation #3 fatty (my personal favorite), CAC endorsed and it is a GEM! Thanks for looking!!
  3. @Norinn Radd That's a NICE type 2 San Francisco Double Eagle!
  4. I agree with the others....it's not even close to being uncirculated. It's an XF 40, at best, and may have been retoned. Eagle's breast and hair above Liberty's ear are well worn. I certainly hope you didn't pay a mint state price for it! If you did; I would march back there ASAP and attempt to get a full refund!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!
  5. My core collection has always been my mint state Walking liberty half dollars. I focused on it for 12 of the last 14 years. I hardly ever strayed or bought any other types of coins. I was very disciplined. I started with the early dates first (1916-1933), as they were the most difficult and expensive. I believed in the theory that they would only get more costly and more difficult to locate and acquire, in the future, and I believe that has become true, so it was a good strategy. After I finished most of my early dates; I branched off into the middle (1934 to 1940) and late date or short set (1941 to 1947) And have completed both of those. A lot of the branch mint coins of the 1930s are a lot rarer than people give them credit for and difficult to find nice. And S mints of the 1940s are very rare, if found with good strikes, even though these coins were mass produced with the mintages being very high. I am now almost 100% complete with the full set (1916-1947) and only need one out of the entire 65 coin series. It is a Key date early Walker and I will be happy with an AU 55 or 58 example that has a good strike and nice original surfaces. I believe that it will match well with the rest of my MS coins. I may upgrade it later, someday, to a mint state 63. Now, that I am almost complete there’s a certain feeling of liberation in being done and not feeling compelled to buy anything anymore. I also was never one of those people who were addicted to constantly upgrading, as I was always very happy with the examples that I had chosen to have in my collection. I bought coins that I liked and paid up for them, because I knew I would keep them and be satisfied with them. After I’m done with my Walkers; I am just going to kick back and casually collect Morgans and Standing Liberty Quarters. I’ll probably work on a one per date set of each of those in grades MS 63 to 65. But I will do it at a much slower pace and it will be way more laid-back and I’ll not be buying nearly as aggressively, as I did with my Walkers. I may never finish either of those and don’t really care. But I feel very satisfied, now, in having almost completed what I set out to do with the Walkers in 2005. It was really a quest for me. I was so driven, determined and focused...Obsessed really. Now, that I am nearly complete, it’s a real feeling of accomplishment and I have satisfied my numismatic hunger. Now, I will just appreciate and study.
  6. That one just glows with frosty perfection. Congrats!!
  7. I've been to all of the big ones except for Long Beach and FUN. I'd enjoy going to the NGC Luncheon at FUN and meeting all my friends, fellow participants, administrators and executives. Sometime; I'm sure I'll go but just not this year.
  8. Yes, I agree. Why have they disappeared?
  9. There are great coins in BOTH of the two top tier holders. You would be missing MAJOR opportunities, if you restricted yourself to just one service. Crossing and cracking seems risky, expensive and unnecessary to me....Besides, I like older slabs and refuse to destroy them. Even more crazy would be spending large amounts on key date duplicates that may or may not be superior or even equal.
  10. Yes, I know--I picked up the expression from you. The only business decision by NGC that I didn't agree with was the one concerning the Registry. I don't think that the software is that bad, though---I like the looks of it and have had no trouble with the user interface. Despite that; I have still decided to remain loyal. I am very sorry that you feel, as you do, since you are one of the earlier, long-standing members both on the Registry and here on the boards. You've been a great contributor and I'm glad that you still check in from time to time, at least. I always enjoy your posts and I like seeing your coins.
  11. @CaptHenway Welcome back! Been trying to kick-start this place again.... still a lot of good people here. Some old and some new... This is still a great place to hang out. What have you been up to? Any news to report?
  12. Yes, that's one of the things that I really like about this coin is that the luster is superb. I like good luster and there's nothing worse than a coin with dead surfaces. I hadn't really been looking for a 21 P, until about a year ago. I was too busy buying my 21d and my 19d, which came to me out of the blue. This coin also came out of the blue, as I never expected that I would be able to buy a 65, much less one from a long-standing, old-time registry set. I feel very fortunate. I know my limit financially with the coins. I'm not stupid, as I have a lot of other Investments and take care of all my other bills first. Coins are important to me but they are secondary. I have stretched to buy a coin, on a few occasions, but never to a point where I had to sacrifice anything else or put myself in financial peril. Like I said in my OP--things have just worked out for me. Sometimes, it's better to be lucky than good. But I have been at this for a very long time and anything worthwhile takes a lot of time. Persistence and perseverance are key, also, and I am just about reaching the finish line. One thing I've learned is that you can't really search for a specific coin. If you do you'll never find it but others that you need but you're not really looking for present themselves and, when they do, you have to move on them or you will lose. I thank God that I've been able to act when the time was appropriate. Life is all about timing and, sometimes, you have to just make your own luck. It is a huge labor of love for me, so putting forth the effort is something I really enjoy, so that makes it much easier. Thanks for the comment and I agree with you, as I have no regrets.