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  1. I started around 2005 and, for three years after that; I was dormant but, when I started up again in 2009; I was buying coins at a frenetic pace. I still took heat that I wasn't moving fast enough for certain collectors/skeptics. I even got teased that I wouldn't finish, until I was retirement age. Well, now that I'm 97% complete; I am very selective and I'm really taking my time. I'm almost done and I'm going to be very selective for those last two coins. I feel a real sense of accomplishment and I don't feel pressured, now, at all. I've got nothing to prove. And guess what? I'll still be done 15 years before I retire.
  2. https://www.ngccoin.com/news/article/7371/ I feel more like the tortoise rather than the hare, as I've started my set 14 years ago and I've met some great people along the way. This has made all the difference!
  3. Thanks!! Picked it up over the weekend. It’s a 64.
  4. My first ever slabbed Walker from either service. I purchased it around 1996. It is in an old NGC number 7, which was their new holder at the time LOL. Strike is a bit soft but the originality and luster are off the charts. I sold it in 2011 after holding it for 15 years.
  5. This one also received the star designation in addition to the bean. Sorry ,I have no slab shot.
  6. Thanks for the heads up. . Received both of mine today.
  7. Great Report! Baltimore is a wonderful city! The 'Black Olive' looks like a lot of FUN!!
  8. Both times that I got really ran up were in auction settings. My best deals have always been through private treaty sales or dealers.
  9. I got this one really cheap and I think many dealers would try to sell it for a lot more. I love its originality and it looks like a gold coin. It's beautiful. CAC endorsed. A common coin in uncommon condition.
  10. Let me tell you a story. I had been looking for a 19d walker for many years. Back around 2010 there was one that I really liked and I wasn't able to secure it. Seller wanted around 15K for it. I saved the images all these years. It was a 63 and I toyed with the idea of buying a 62 of lesser quality and I saw many 63s of lesser quality but I never pulled the trigger on them. When I look at that old image, now, I can see that there's rub on that coin and the strike wasn't as good as I originally thought it was. In 2017 Summer, some 63s sold in the mid $20,000 range and I was not a player on those, as I got blown out of the water. Well, last June I purchased the nicest 63 I've ever seen in my life. It is better than many 64s and I got it for a really good price. So your patience and diligence will pay off. It may take many years but it will happen. At least it did for me. You are younger than me, Jason, so you still have plenty of time. Peace, brother. WF.
  11. Mark is right. With Heritage live by proxy, the winner's max bid could have been 20,000 for all he knows.
  12. IMHO, sometimes the stretch in price is worth ending the search. But, YES, I have overpaid and, YES, I have lost a few auctions. I don't usually care, though, as I am holding for the long term. Don't worry...you'll find another (and maybe better) example....this happens more often than not. Best of luck to you!!