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  1. I think that cracking them out of that NGC holder would be 'unwise', at best. I think that you simply need to start looking at them more often. I am unclear on how a different holder would change that..... In any event, BAD idea, IMHO.
  2. That is in a very desirable PCGS 2.1 two-piece slab. The CAC sticker is nice, too. I have a 1936 Buffalo in a 2.1 graded MS 65 (without the CAC sticker) and I paid $75 for it, at a show. Nice coin and slab.
  3. You're welcome and it would be my pleasure.
  4. @Hoghead515Thank you for your genuine appreciation and sincerity. I try to help, as much as I can, but I still LEARN a lot, too. You seem like you'd be a great person to have a beer with. Thanks, for being you and for making this site a much better place for ALL.
  5. You're not even going to finish it all off with a fine Arturo Fuente Opus X Ltd cigar?? I am very disappointed in you!!
  6. He does amazing work. No matter how good the original pictures are, he always seems to make them even better. He is a master of capturing the color of a coin.
  7. The nice thing about collecting coins is the wide range of available possibilities.........Trophy coins and key dates are often egalitarian but there are still MANY choices and avenues for the 'common man'.
  8. I think it is a mid-grade fake. That is just my opinion.
  9. Never thought of that! What a cool aspiration!!
  10. Time for the next generation to step up!! Congrats to all the new winners!! There are some amazing, fresh sets out there, now!!
  11. Thanks, everyone! It is graded MS 62 by our host. I love the color and surface preservation. The 1873 P has a mintage of just 293,000 and is VERY scarce in both circulated and uncirculated grades. There are only 21 known in NGC 62.
  12. I have always wanted at least one nice example.