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  1. It's always a bonus when you can cherry pick your own collection!
  2. Take a look - everything at rock bottom prices! Current Bids as of 7/12/19 7:30 AM EST - all, but 1, graded by NGC 1956 Quarter MS66 - $8.76 1958-D Quarter MS66 - $3.00 1956 Dime MS66 - Blue Toning - $7.50 1955-S Dime MS66 - $7.18 1953 Dime MS66 - $5.50 1951 Dime MS66 FT - $5.50 1949-D Dime MS66 FT - $5.50 1951 Dime MS66 - $10.50 1950 Dime MS65 FT - $7.50 1941-D Cent MS66 RB Two-sided Toner - $16.50 1965 ANACS SMS MS66 Nickel - $5.50 All Ebay Auctions
  3. I have a 1964-D dime in my set Weidel UNC Roosie Dimes that is not valid in my Weidel '64 Mint Set. It used to be there and I discovered it was missing when adding a different coin to the Mint set. The coin doesn't show as being available for the slot and, if I enter the cert number, it's rejected as not valid. Can someone look into this? Thanks!
  4. Hopefully this is a better link... Ron's Ebay Auctions
  5. Selling a 1964 proof set containing an accented hair Kennedy Half Dollar and a Roosevelt Dime with the pointed-tail 9 variety in the date. The half dollar is extremely clean on the obverse and has the peg-leg 'I' in Liberty as a marker for the accented hair variety, and naturally the accented hair in Kennedy's image. There are a couple small spots of toning on the reverse. The dime is clean and spotless on both sides. All original government packaging is included, however the outside envelope has seen better days. $38.00 or accepted best offer covers shipping to you within the US. Payment accepted via Paypal F&F, straight Paypal + 3%, or money order. Here's a link to pictures: https://photos.app.goo.gl/AMGzLEVMuXKBZjvDA
  6. Thanks Ron - much appreciated! Now that I'm back home I'll capture a few images and add them to the post.
  7. Things can be a bit slow here but this week-end kind of set a record!
  8. I have a group of mid-grade slabs that I'm selling as one group as I don't want to mess with selling each coin individually. The grid below shows each coin with the NGC price valuation along with the grading cost for the appropriate tier, and the totals at the bottom. I'm figuring shipping will cost me $10...so I'm willing to let the whole group go for $190 all in firm. They total about half the NGC price and less than the cost to have them slabbed. I'm out this week on business so the earliest I'd be able to ship is Saturday. I might be able to dig up a few images if I have to but don't have anything readily planned to post. NGC List Grading Date Denom Grade Cert # Price Price 1944-P Nickel MS64 2742500-003 $25 $20 1951-D Nickel MS66 1835933-089 $30 $20 1953-D Nickel MS65 2679841-002 $20 $20 1956 Nickel MS66 3970220-038 $50 $17 1956-D Nickel MS66 3919089-020 $45 $17 1957-D Nickel MS66 2550897-004 $37.50 $17 1958-D Nickel MS65 2600741-002 $12 $17 1959 Nickel MS65 2688676-001 $21.20 $17 1962 Nickel MS66 1831006-015 $45 $17 1953-D Dime MS64 FT 2655184-006 $15 $20 1960 Dime MS64 2582251-005 $7.50 $17 1945-D Quarter MS65 1797620-013 $47.50 $20 1953-S Quarter MS65 3133444-028 $38 $20 $394 $239 Link to images: https://photos.app.goo.gl/ZSQpTZRgcxhynPvE9 Let me know if you're interested or have questions. Thanks!
  9. I tried several times over the week-end with no luck to post! The subject field opened fine, but the body of the post didn't open, so nothing could be accepted! Did anyone else try to post over the weekend?
  10. Thanks - when I saw the set with no premium for the nickel I couldn't pick it up fast enough!
  11. I've attached images of a '62 proof I found in a set purchased 4 or 5 years ago then submitted to our host - it came back PF68 UCam. The images don't do the coin justice as it is a gorgeous blue and purple on both sides with deep dark mirrors. I was disappointed that it wasn't deemed star-worthy Over the years I've found a number of raw proof nickels still in their plastic sets that range in color from green to red and definitely believe they are all naturally toned.
  12. Here's a question for those of you who have turned your collecting habits into a business. As I near retirement, and after reading so many posts about it, I've decided that it's time for me to start clearing the decks a bit to avoid burdening my family with having to deal with my collections. My first focus will be to start divesting the flotsam and jetsam (duplicate slabs, raw coins, US mint products, and miscellaneous) I've acquired over the years before starting to sell my core collection and then including other collections I have. I think it makes sense to start an LLC to track and manage expenses, income, tax liability, etc. My question: since what I'm selling has been acquired over 30+ years, is it 'OK' to start a business to sell these assets? While I have some documentation/records on acquisition costs, it's mostly contained in several spreadsheets with little paper to back-up the purchases. Recommendations? Thanks!
  13. This looks to be a worthy project to undertake given your access to resources and skills. I'm looking forward to seeing how the end product turns-out. Best wishes on the effort!
  14. Available are 5 Jefferson war nickels with either 5 or 6 complete steps. At this time, I am only posting these coins on the NGC site for sale…they will head to eBay next if I can’t find homes for them. With that being said, I am amenable to reasonable offers, especially if multiple coins are involved. All coins are graded by NGC and were upgraded by coins I now have in my collection. Nickels will be shipped to the buyer at no charge and I offer a no questions asked return if the buyer isn’t totally happy with the coin they receive. Payment is either by check, money order, Paypal F&F, or Paypal + 3% to cover charges. I’ve purchased and sold many coins through both the NGC and PCGS websites and have never had any problems on either side of the transactions I’ve been party to. Thanks for looking! 1942-S MS66 5FS 1943-S MS67 5FS 1944-S MS66 5FS 1944-D MS67 6FS 1945-D MS67 5FS Ebay Auctions
  15. I was looking at the NGC registry scores for '45-P Jefferson Nickels and realized there are few MS66 and higher with 5 full steps, and even less – exactly 1 – with 6 full steps and higher. This caused me to compare registry points and populations with those designated as full steps and those without. As a result, I think NGC ought to reconsider the assigned points and scores for ’45-P: examples without FS should go down and those with FS should go up…or perhaps, a little of both. FS ’45-P Jefferson’s are rare birds and I think the points should reflect this. Totals for all grades of ’45-P nickels graded by NGC: No FS: 4,492 5FS: 154 6FS: 3 The numbers are below. Most striking: MS67 without FS has a pop of 373 with 5 better and is assigned a point value of 1,303. Whereas MS66 5FS has a pop of 74 with only 6 higher and is assigned only 975 points, and MS66 6FS has a pop of 1 with none better and is assigned a point value of 1,081. MS no FS designation · MS66 Pop: 2,841 – Registry Points: 237 · MS66+ Pop: 6 – Registry Points: 592 · MS67 Pop: 373 – Registry Points: 1,303 · MS67+ Pop: 2 – Registry Points: 1,911 · MS68 Pop: 3 – Registry Points: 3,126 5FS designation · MS66 Pop: 74 – Registry Points: 974 · MS66+ Pop: 0 – Registry Points: 2,112 · MS67 Pop: 6 – Registry Points: 4,389 · MS67+ Pop: 0 – Registry Points: 4,480 · MS68 Pop: 0 – Registry Points: 4,663 6FS designation · MS66 Pop: 1 – Registry Points: 1,081 · MS66+ Pop: 0 – Registry Points: 2,246 · MS67 Pop: 0 – Registry Points: 4,575 · MS67+ Pop: 0 – Registry Points: 4,669 · MS68 Pop: 0 – Registry Points: 4,856 Thanks!