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  1. Good Morning Rick' its been awhile' glad to hear your still collecting nickels'. What's make this series so special is so many types to choose from' hope you find some exciting coins in your search',,,,,,, you grab those original rolls of whats left' out there. Happy hunting my friend' Jim
  2. James G. Berline


    Very nice photos' I'm pulling for ya' good luck in finding your answer',,,,,,
  3. To NGC and Staff members, I wanted to get back to you for such a nice write-up you did featuring my Jefferson collection. I've often known I made no mistake selecting this company where the quality service is often the deciding factor. The members who put this together 'Thanks so much' it means alot. This was a very exciting journey for me- so many ways to collect in this series'I wanted to get a little of each type. As much as I'd of loved to complete this collection'due to my health issues-it would be very difficult for me now. However' I will keep checking back to view the new players
  4. Good morning fellow Jefferson collectors' [ an just to let you all know' its been many years since I've visited here' so pls bear with me.] Noticing Mason254 post' about the 1942 Jefferson? It looks like a type I 1942 where very few were minted' I'm leaving my url for you to visit- describing it more in detail,,,, I hope that this eliminates any problems about this coin. James G. Berline / ( https://coins.www.collectors-society.com/WCM/CoinView.aspx?PeopleSetCoinID=1227668 )