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  1. bartlesvilleok

    For the love of copper

    Here are a few Copper's that I wanted to share while they are still mine (sent to great collections for them to list)
  2. bartlesvilleok

    Picture of toned GSA from Todd’s display at FUN

    I have always thought Todd did a good job on photos. Here is a few photos of some Patterns he did for me years ago.
  3. bartlesvilleok

    Where to sale?

    2 cents mint set, 3 cents nickel mint set, 3cent nickel proof set, patterns and some 3 cent silvers they are in the registery under my name
  4. bartlesvilleok

    Where to sale?

    Don't really need the money ATM is the coin market down ATM? I have been away from collecting for a while now and have not kept up with it lately.
  5. bartlesvilleok

    Where to sale?

    Ok so Minimum of $300 per coin for Heritage. I understand GC has no minimum but Is there a certain dollar value I should not list with GC?
  6. bartlesvilleok

    Where to sale?

    Looking to sale some of my collection thinking about Heritage or Great Collections. Has anyone dealt with these sites before? Please let me know the pros and cons. Thanks.
  7. bartlesvilleok

    Follow the lead picture post.

    Love the color
  8. bartlesvilleok

    Who's Going to F.U.N. Show? 2019

    Never been, too far away. Hope everybody has a good time.
  9. bartlesvilleok

    Follow the lead picture post.

    I am always amazed at the photographer's skill to show the detail on there tiny coins
  10. bartlesvilleok

    Follow the lead picture post.

    Wow love the look of this one
  11. bartlesvilleok

    Post your most recent acquisition: World

    I got a reverse proof set but your looks so much better.
  12. bartlesvilleok

    Post your most recent acquisition: World

    Wow that's nice