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  1. Vf 30 or Xf 40 . Looks like an original crutsy Bust.
  2. Just curious , did you buy those Wizzed coins from Great Southern coin ?
  3. Usually, the problem with a coin like this is a cleaning. It looks MS, however, a coin like this will normally be certified and slabbed. Often when you see it for sale uncertified it was given a details grade and then cracked out and attempted to be sold raw. If this is from a reputable dealer then maybe take a shot at it but still, you need to send it in to get certified and graded. If from a private person, just walk away.
  4. The coin is missing its clad layer. This is considered an error coin however, I am not sure of its value.
  5. Those marks on the obverse are most likely why this one topped out at Ms62. Regardless of the grade the coin is authentic and very attractive.
  6. I would get this coin authenticated, from your photo the fields look to smooth, as Jason stated the coin looks too good. This would be something I would expect to see with an MS 64 – 65 coin . It is highly unlikely that a coin in that condition would be uncertified. Is this coin a recent purchase?
  7. Based on your photos the Raw coin does not have a similar color , also the PCGS coin is full of luster.
  8. The color is also a dead giveaway that the coin has been cleaned.
  9. This coin is heavily corroded, it would probably grade Fine – details corrosion or environmental damage.
  10. I am in the MS 66 crowd. Looks lie a nice coin .