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  1. I am still at it, looking for great deals on half dollar commems. I see a few I still need that are less than a 100$. The next ones on my radar are both of the "Boys Towns." Then I'm thinking about "The First Flight" half dollar proof. I find buying the 70's a good substitution for buying early commems of which I only have 6 more to buy. However these 6 are price prohibitive at this time.
  2. OK I'm on a run with good prices on the perfect commemorative's. Just received my 1982-S Washington, PR70DCAM. Also got a 1995-S, Civil War @ MS70. I have more bought but not delivered yet. They are the 1991-S, Mount Rushmore and the 1989-S, Congress Bicentennial both graded at 70. I have one more and it is the 2008-S Bald Eagle also graded at 70! I'll keep buying the perfect coins for less than a 100$ each for as long as I can.
  3. Thanks for the info on the album. I'll check out some stores on eBay to find that album.
  4. The price gods have smiled on me once again. I got another 70 for my modern half dollar commemorative collection. It's a 1995-S Basketball graded at MS70. It's a great strike and the detailing is very nice. I got it for a good price. You can now bye some of these half commem's for less that fifty bucks per coin. Displaying slabs is harder to do. Looking through a binder with great looking raw coins is nice and it's convenient. I don't think I'll sell my raw ones as they look so nice in the binders. I have seen some "slab notebooks" that look nice and each display page has pockets to displ
  5. Thanks all for your opinions. I think it's an interesting topic.
  6. Beautiful coins. Plus I like your blue background it makes the coins pop.
  7. Good advice on the marathon vs. the sprint. After many years I have grown more patient. I still buy because I have to have it coins but for the most part I'm patient. I got my Antietam at the local coin shop. I felt better about the purchase because I got to hold it and examine it and I bought locally which I enjoy.
  8. I like the multi's too. I have a set of BTW's, 18 coins in total. I can't figure out how to display them. They are all slabbed. I don't believe the holders go this high. Plus with slabs, a holder is out of the question. It would be huge for some sets.
  9. I've noticed the same thing with Commemorative coins. The modern commemorative coins are dropping especially in the 70 category. I must admit I've been trolling for deals since the prices are on the decline.
  10. There's something about grading that has bothered me before I even collected coins. IMO If the very first coin off the die can be considered perfect then any coin that matches that original coin should be considered a 70. The definition of 70 needs to be changed. If in the 1900's, for example, you feel you have just the best looking coin that the mint can make. Then I think 70. Don't get me started on perfect 70's with extra info that somehow makes their 70 better than a plain 70. A 70 "Early Release" is no different than the plain 70. I can't stand it when I see one in the Price Guide t
  11. I'm back at it and am excited to be focusing on my coin collection. I have been focusing on collecting a type set of early commemorative coins. I'm nearly there. I have 8 more coins to get and of course they are the most expensive ones. I'm thinking about the Antietam coin or the Battle of Gettysburg coin for when my tax return arrives. I also need the following: Isabella Quarter, Missouri, Hawaii, Hudson, Spanish Trail, Cincinnati. To maintain my collection at MS65 or better, I will need to pry open my wallet as the remainder may cost me above four grand. Being disabled I don't have a lot