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  1. Hmmm AU 60 rears its ugly head... Welcome to the boards.. I haven't the confidence to touch Gold especially by pictures... But there are a lot who you can depend on here..
  2. this tells you all you need to know about pcgs ,their guaranty and David hall
  3. I personally think there should be a depth designation for the navel on the 1917 SLQ..
  4. Thats Sammy.. Creator of Cabo Wabo...
  5. Alan Hagar Caveat Emptor
  6. Funny old guy
  7. It's coins... it's a hobby... No but it makes him eminently more qualified to speak on the matter.. I personally read everything RWB POSTS and while I didn't post for almost 10 years I always stopped in and kept abreast.. And opinions are admissible in courtrooms if facts take you there..
  8. almost all o mint Morgans have weak breast feathers... edited to add ,The first C on the left of the O looks pretty strong in the pic.
  9. I have a joke about Covid... But 98% of you won't get it..
  10. There's nothing but a bunch of Karen's ATS ... They have to wear pcgs masks to post...
  11. I think you are selling yourself short.. You have some skills..
  12. I thought I was wrong once but I was mistaken...
  13. I went fishing yesterday and the top of my feet got sunburnt..
  14. My daughter colorized an Australian kookaburra when she was 3.. I should have sent that in..
  15. Well this ought to warm your cockles😆