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  1. No what I'm saying is because a couple on the internet got their feelings hurt ,and got embarrassed , and are being laughed at by all the sane people here ,Only have a victim race card to play.. A couple Nascar bois got their racist on...
  2. So... I went to google and typed define ski... Came up with all the skiing related blah blah... So then define Ski as a slur... Guess what... Nothing.... Zero.... Nada... Then I went through all my dealings with my polish freinds and brothers from the Corps... Polenskis ,Grkbowskies etc etc and all of them were Skis and Every one of them were cool. Ski was actually a sign of acceptance and respect.. One of my great personal heros in history John Sobieski ,Probably had someone call him Ski at one point..... But you NEED to be offended... You Look to be offended.... Why? slur....
  3. Hmm... confused negativity with honesty ...
  4. Gosh... Heres a clueski NASCAR chat | Racing Forums (
  5. joined on of the 3 most important days of each and every year.. Dec 25 Jesus birthday, April 30 My birthday, ANDNov 10, My beloved Marine Corps birthday.. Very cool...
  6. You know what's funny... I live literally blocks from RIC... I can't count how many races I've been to... Going back to when Richmond was a dirt Track and they had Motorcycle races every Wednesday night in the summer... The race where Dale Earnhardt was hanging out the window wiping his windshield driving the car down pit road steering with his foot..... I WAS THERE... I was also there when clint boyer exposed NASCAR for the fixed system it is.. When he cheated at Richmond ,Intentionally spinning out on the last lap .... I was 20 feet away from him when he did it... And the nascar did after has killed nascar... They can't give tickets away....
  7. Said nothing bout him, Said nothing bought his "coins" Said Nascar was real as wrasslin.. Funny thing people collect Wrasslin memorabilia... You jumped in with some weird stuff that would make the clique proud
  8. "Stock" car racing is an oxymoron and as Clint Boyer proved in Richmond, As fixed as a wrasslin match.
  9. I rectum that them ngc boys and girls woulda at least given some kinda guidance or are you implying or even making a statement to the effect that ngc don't give a flip? How would Heritage have handled it? Considering it's CRAZY rarity ,being a 1921 ms64 Morgan and all that.. Would heritage just wrote that $50.00 check and said send it back.... SNAIL MAIL... I just thank god that Laura Sperber and legend hadn't heard about this.. We might have another CAS Bean company coming out.. CAS ll
  10. Most likely.. Getting told off by people with limited knowledge and having to smile through it .... Eff that
  11. My 3 afib procedures ,My NASH Cirrhosis and encephalopathy aren't an excuse to "lighten up".. Even when I was flatlining... On the contrary.. Be a Man Quinton.
  12. I have a responsibility to expose fraud... It's my comic book code.