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  2. This very NGC site actually has a wonderful comparison between machine/strike/mechanical doubling and a true doubled die coin: And I agree with the rest, your photos are top notch.
  3. Thank you CRAWTOMATIC. Your input is great appreciated. Bruce
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  5. I've got a few Red Books on the bookshelf as I always pick them, and other coin related books, up whenever I see them at the thrift store. No luck yet finding the 1947 edition but holding out hope. Did score a nice copy of "A guidebook of Modern European Coins" dated 1965 this year - nothing too special but a nice addition for 50 cents. Like many of the responders so far I don't think I've actually used it for checking prices though. Except one time where my son bought an VF indian head for $10 and I showed him in the 1960's era Red Book that the same coin, same condition, was listed for $10 over 50 years ago - but those in MS condition have changed price points quite a bit. Used it as a teaching lesson on the finer point of "buying the best coin you can afford" if you intend to resell it later. The header categories in Red Book have some good tips on identifying high points on certain coin series from what I recall. For pricing purposes I tend to hit 3 sites mainly to determine a baseline: CDN Greysheet (both the app & the site) - has ongoing updates including eBay sales data, reflects more of a raw pricing point and what I'd expect to pay in a retail setting +/- 10%; eBay recently sold - you'll have to review more sales to determine what's fair, was it an auction or buy it now?, common or rare?, etc...; and Great Collections auction archives - best if you're looking at the top end of graded coins but also useful to determine a fair price on varieties that you may not find listed/sold very often on eBay alone.
  6. I've been doing this for a few years with my kids and the neighborhood kids that stop by for the egg hunt as well. Nothing valuable, of course, but I love to fill them with the coins they don't get to see everyday. All the dollar coins going back to Ike's work well, partial date buffalo's, half dollars, etc... My daughter basically rolls her eyes at them now and my son may make a comment about it being "nothing special" but that's understandable with how much they know of coins thus far. I do it more to see the neighbor kids running around asking "oh wow! what is this?!?"
  7. My wife hit upon the idea of putting coins / spare change in some of the eggs for the Easter egg hunt we set up for Benjamin late in the day on Easter Sunday. We had dinner with her parents and then did an egg hunt just for him in the back yard around 6:30 or so. Shandy came up with the idea of letting him have money in some of his eggs completely on her own. It was her idea. I had nothing to do with it – I swear! Some of the eggs hand your standard fair – jelly beans, chocolate kisses, Reese’s peanut butter cups – and some of them had quarters, nickels and dimes. Ben was quite excited to have the money in some of his eggs. As he started emptying them, I got him 2 zip-lock sandwich bags = one for the coins and one for the candy. I’ll admit that I wasn’t totally thrilled about him touching the coins and the candy together / one after another while stuffing his face. Pocket change isn’t terribly clean / sanitary, but I guess the germs will be good for him in the long run. He didn’t even get half way through opening the many, many eggs they left for him to find before he got bored and went back to playing. When the family asked what was in his basket it went a bit like this: “What was in your Easter basket?” “EGGS!” “Okay… What was in the eggs?” “Lots of money!! … and lots of candy.” Seriously – he said money first. Like he was more excited about the coins than the candy. Interesting… This has potential. We’ll have to empty the rest of them later. He’ll be hopped up on sugar for days. The coins will go into the puppy.
  8. Once again, I thank you for your efforts on my behalf.
  9. Happy to add my two cents (so to speak) Bruce. You will find the vast majority of more experienced collectors LOVE to help newer collectors. That is one thing I love about this hobby. Regards, Malcolm
  10. Thank you for the inquiry, Star City Homer. We do not yet have an exact date for Custom Sets on the new site. Also, the format is still being formulated by our programming team. We will make an announcement on the chat boards here when we have further details on Custom Sets. Please let us know when we may assist with the NGC Registry in the future. You may reach us best at
  11. Hi Chilliman, Thank you. What is the certification number for this piece? Thank you, Lisa
  12. Hi, I've checked on this and I do see that it is complete. I'm going to try to have the order ship out to you today or tomorrow. Thank you, Lisa
  13. Wow, thank you Mokiechan. Your post thick with great information and advice. Thank you for taking the time. Bruce
  14. il est endommagé Welcome to the forum.
  15. Registry sets can be fun however like most things in life balance and proportion are very important. I have several registry sets but only two (maybe three) have ever won awards and that's perfectly ok with me. I cannot afford to play in the deep end of the pool on most of my sets, only my small year sets can compete and I collect those because of the timeframe of history and what was happening in history at that time interests me. Collect what you want, participate in the registry if you want, compete at the highest level if you have the means and the desire to, it's up to each individual to decide what is important and let that decision drive the focus. I know many collectors that prefer to collect; and have amazing collections of; circulated coins in the XF to F range that could never win a registry award for highest graded but can compete in other areas because the owners have so much information and photos included into the set and coin descriptions. It is a hobby so enjoy.
  16. Thank you, sir. I must be overlooking where it specifies it's automatic. I was looking for something similar to the following: "Comments: NGC denotes the reverse type automatically in grading all 1939 nickels, and it is not necessary to request VarietyPlus Service." I presume my invoice would be revised on the recent submission (not yet received on your end) if I put it down as a VarietyPlus Service, correct? [Disregard, wrong place for this question.]
  17. Any word on when the custom sets will be visible in the new format? I'm very curious to see how the set gets rendered (and so I can fix it up). I'm sure to lose the embedded photo, but I noticed recently we can pick any photo to be the 'top photo' in the new format (yay!!), so I can use this as a workaround. Also, I have three coins in the set that are raw, and listed as 'want' coins IIRC. Will the photos and content on those three carry over? I have modifications I want to do to the set (ie update past 1970 for example) and maybe add in some error coins. But, I don't want to mess with it until they are visible on the NGC vs. Collector's Society. The Set That Started it All
  18. Thank you for the inquiry, Davids5104. We rely upon the integrity of our collectors to only list coins which they currently own. We do not have the capability to monitor the sales of all coins in the marketplace. We do have the three-day transfer process when someone buys a coin that is already registered to another collector in the NGC Registry. Please let us know when we may assist with the NGC Registry in the future. You may reach us best at
  19. If you do submit it to NGC you will need to check the Mint Error box to have it examined for that.
  20. The Type 1 and Type 2 designations are added automatically as part of the grading process. The VarietyPlus page for Eisenhower Dollars specifies No Fee for these:
  21. Thanks @derryb and @Conder101 too. This is so weird. I had tried to ship a box registered to NGC and my post office lady specifically said that cremains had to go 'registered express'. I remember the exchange very clearly as it was so very odd. I'd had no idea there was such a service (and it doesn't sound like there is). ALL my registered mail goes in a box (usually a recycled NGC box if I haven't destroyed it opening it up) that is 100% wrapped in paper security tape--no express or priority marks visible. Plus the whole cremains thing. I'd recently had my dog cremated (as in within a week or thereabouts) so I was VERY sensitive to the comment even though it wasn't meant poorly. I mean, I spent a couple years joking with her that I wasn't sending dead bodies in the mail. That postal worker is retired now, but next time I go in I will have to ask about it again. Maybe she was poorly informed...lord knows the office is small enough the newbies sometimes have little idea how to even do registered. I guess it's time to do some primary research rather than go by what my local guys/gals have to say. Not that I ever 'need' anything other than regular registered. Cremains. Ugh. My doggos are in the back yard thank you very much. They will not be traipsing around the world until they have re-entered the carbon cycle. As for thinking the priority registered moved any faster, that is probably an example of recall bias (and noting it when I moved back CONUS where everything moves faster). Recall bias is real.
  22. LOL, SPCA gets an urgent call from local McDonalds. A Father is encouraging his son to feed coins to a Puppy. I have the license plate number, please investigate.
  23. @DWLange I wonder if uploading some pictures of the medals will help?
  24. I think of the Redbook as akin to an encyclopedia of U.S. coins. The prices I see in the Red Book are just a general guide to the relative value of the coins in any particular series. I have never relied on the Red Book to set prices when selling or paying for a coin. I doubt if many dealers use it that way either. Instead, I would educate myself thoroughly about the current market and if I am looking for a specific coin, I will actually use the SOLD prices on Ebay to get a feel for the market at any given moment. If I am looking for a 1909S VDB Lincoln in VF condition, I see today that the SOLD prices can vary wildly from as low as $579 for a VF20 ANACS slabbed, to as high as $775 for a VF35 in a PCGS OGC holder. Now you have a range to look at and decide what you are willing to pay for a slabbed (non-details) 09S VDB. If someone wants $750 for a VF20, you can decide, based on your research, if you are willing to pay that. It's your choice, but you have done your due diligence and know the general range. Buying a raw coin, especially a relative rarity like the 09S VDB requires even more research and a very good understanding of both grading and the flaws, like obvious cleaning or rim dings, that would cause a coin to lose value, even at a higher grade. So, best policy is join a local coin club, if possible, befriend those experienced collectors in the club, and study, study, study.
  25. Thank you @Jason Abshier for that info, I will research ANACS. I also have this 1965 5 centavos from the same set, that has an error on all the Ss. error on the S.
  26. JKK, Great explanation of mechanical doubling. Thanks again. Bruce
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