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  2. I agree with Just Bob. When I saw the first two pictures, I thought the mark was raised but looking at the third picture you can see that it is incuse so probably some sort of a small struck through. More than likely a bit of grease. You can add it to your collection if you want until a better one comes along but this one is so small that there probably wouldn't be ant premium to it.
  3. Hard to tell with the lighting if it is a crack or a scratch. If it is raised it may be a crack. If it is incuse, it is probably a scratch.
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  5. That's a great looking boy. Good for you. Mine are all grown up and I miss those days. Don't forget them they go by fast. It seems one minute I was holding them then they were gone. We're proud you be be also. Keep on him he will be a great collector someday. Thanks for the memories.Mike
  7. In the first two reverse pictures, the area looks raised at first glance, but, judging by the lighting angle in all three reverse pictures, I am gong to assume it is incuse.. That makes me think it is post mint damage, although it could be a strike-through.
  8. I was looking at the new 2019 Mint set and I came across what appears to be a crack or a break in the die. I am not sure if it is common. I only bought one mint set. I am tempted to buy another just to see but would like everyone's opinion. I can upload better pictures if ya'll like. I had a lot of glare since it was still in the packing. The plastic packing gives the illusion that it has doubling. Thanks
  9. Hello all I wanted an opinion if anyone has seen this before. it looks like an error from the mint. there is no indication that it was damaged after it left the mint. It is under the D in UNITED I just wonder if it is worth slabbing to add to my collection. Thanks
  10. Yeah, hearing that is bad. It's a real shame that things at the US Mint have fallen so far in the area of quality control. I just knew that the 2019-W Cents in the cellophane envelopes was a really bad idea. But it's terrible that they can't even get a Mint Set right for you guys who order from them. I agree, you shouldn't have to go through the hassle....they should get you a good product the first time. And, with the 2019-W cents, they should have found a way to include them in the packaging of the product you order. After all, they managed to do something pretty close to that with the 1996-W dime. It was in its own sealed mylar, but at least it was sealed and protected rather than rattling around in your shipping box!
  11. And difficult! If I attempted such a thing with my lack of patience and my astigmatism, I'd make a horrible mess of it! It really speaks to the talents and patience of Mr. Pietz.
  12. Agreed with Bob. You're doing great with the new photos!
  13. Wow! the new close-ups are really clear and sharp. Well done!
  14. Are you sure that is an error? I can't think of how that would happen during the striking of the coin. If it was an incomplete clip, it would be curved not straight plus there would be no damage on the rims. A straight clip would have to be right through the coin as that occurs when the blank is over the edge of the sheet when it is punched out. I have seen numerous packaged sets with damaged coins in them so just because it is packaged doesn't mean that it is a mint error. Lots can happen to a coin from the time it leaves the striking chamber to when it goes and gets packaged. Hope someone can prove me wrong but right now I would say it is PMD.
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  16. Here's a great article from our hosts which may help shed some light on the issue for you:
  17. Thanks everyone for helping me out a bit I still am having a hard time with machine doubling and double die. I'm learning a lot though it's almost as tough as collecting marbles.
  18. Nat-ly, Thanks for the additional photos. I'm still going to say machine doubling on your coin. As for the die polishing stuff, you do have a trace of the FG, it's faint but it's there. So, the coin isn't the no FG variety. However, I do think it is a "floating roof", but I also still think that it adds no value to the coin. It's good to look at your change, though. You never know what you may find. I myself have found two 1984 DDO (the Doubled Ear, the good one) Lincoln Cents in change from the same grocery store about 6 months apart. I sold them for about $80 each, so there's still good stuff to be found for someone who's determined. Best of Luck! ~Tom
  19. Gotcha.....from my experience, it's rare for PCGS graded Canadian coins to get an upgrade at NGC, but it's not impossible. I'd say worst case scenario, you're solid at 64 based on the photos. Best of luck, though!
  20. Very nice coin, it's a great example of the 1949 dollar Are you crossing it to NGC or trying again at PCGS?
  21. No, they aren't. As you said yourself, the mint destroyed almost all of them.. That's correct. What you're looking for is a quarter with the same composition as a Sacagawea Dollar or of a similar composition. That's why they were destroyed. The experimental quarters were never truly a test for changing the alloy of the quarter. They were a test for the alloy of the Sacagawea Dollar and they were never meant to be released. As far as I know, they were only struck using the 1999 designs and only at the Philadelphia Mint. I found this site with some information as to what you're looking for: I could tell immediately that your coins were plated, and the D mint mark shown on the one obverse photo you included is another tell tale sign that it's not an experimental quarter. I've seen so many gold plated State Quarters, I know them immediately.
  22. So they aren't experiment quarters? I found a website that said it was destroyed because it costs to much to make. The planchette value was more than face value so The mint destroyed almost All of them and the roll was a new roll.
  23. Gotta love those primary sources! It's quite interesting to read how things were done back then but it makes me wonder if other World mints at the same time were undertaking the same processes. In particular, I wonder about France because they've made some lovely medals. I recently discovered that the French Mint struck some medals of some of the Roman emperors and empresses.....I'm trying like crazy to find out if they made one for Faustina the Younger. There's also a Caligula medal that I've seen that I'm considering trying to pick up because Caligula was, to quote a character in a British comedy show my fiancee likes, mad as underpants. If you collect Roman, you almost have to have something with Caligula on it. Thanks for sharing that Roger! It's always enlightening when you share some of your research with us! ~Tom
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