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Fun with my smartphone ... Even scans a barcode image on a laptop screen

The "NGC Coin Details" smartphone app is a wonderful certification verification tool (used on my Samsung GALAXY S III). The barcode scanner is terrific (saves time from manually typing in the lengthy NGC certification number).

I checked out many of my NGC encapsulated coins within my collection today and was very impressed. Most did not display an image of the actual coin, but did verify its certification.

On a whim, I scanned the barcode of a coin displayed on my laptop screen and the app worked!

The result is in the image below. One can also zoom in on the either the obverse or reverse for a closer inspection of the coin. It seems the actual image of the coin will only be shown if the coin's owner requested an image during the coin's certification process.

For my "release ceremony" coin, I did order images and it did appear via this app.

The app also stores a history of the coins that was scanned. It also provides features found at the full NGC website (coin specifics, varieties, price guide and auctions).


I now have a smartphone tool to verify NGC certified coins displayed on my computer screen or while holding the coin in my hand.

My "NGC Coin Details" smartphone app rating:

5 out of 5 stars


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