An Hawaiian idea for my new custom set ....

As most of you are aware, I have a keen interest in coins, medals and tokens from Hawaii.

Stage 1 of my Hawaii Statehood Medal collection is complete. The next stage is to collect each of the 17 remaining variations. The gold variations will be extremely tough to locate and obtain.

In the meantime, I have set up an intermediate goal for a Territory of Hawaii Souvenir Set. The time period is set (Territory of Hawaii). The specific items to collect was not set.

My challenge was finding a listing from the time period and have done so. I have no objections to the current listings compiled in Medcalf and Russell (Hawaiian Money Standard Catalog), but they categorized items by similarity (i.e. cafeteria tokens, saloon tokens, etc...) I wanted a time period collection.

Upon reviewing the literary material in my library, I came across page 40 in the book Hawaiian Coins, Tokens and Paper Money (by Maurice M. Gould and Kenneth Bressett, published in 1961). This is now my short term collecting goal which only requires 5 pieces.

The image is page 40 from the book .... Hawaiian Coins, Tokens and Paper Money by Maurice M. Gould and Kenneth Bressett. Item 116 and 119 are so called dollars and information can be obtained from Hibler and Kappen book. The other 3 items are a challenge to investigate (their manufacturer, mintage (re-verify), variations, etc...). This challenge has begun!


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