Means to an End...



I've been collecting and selling coins from my collection as a means to an end ....

Rare coin collecting has been a very enjoyable and profitable hobby for me. I have been collecting and reselling rare coins as a means of supplementary support while pursuing each of my academic degrees. I have four conferred academic degrees, so this means to an end has really helped me out. My degrees include (from lowest to highest): AAS in Electronic Technology, BS in Computer Science, MS in Systems Engineering and a PhD in Systems Engineering.

At times it was very hard to let go what I collected and cherished. Each time I sold a piece from my collection, I would comfort myself with the idea that I will purchase a similar coin in the future to rebuild my original collection.

Lately I have been inquiring about replacing a few of my territorial gold pieces and have been shocked in the increase in value. Yes, the price of gold has increased. But, the rarity of the coins has also boosted their prices.

The below scan is of my 1851 "slug" that was once in my collection and was sold to support me in pursuing my MS degree at Johns Hopkins University. This slug has increased over 346% value since I owned it. Its catalog price is hovering at $45,000 level as of today. In 2001, I originally paid $13,000 for this beauty.

I read Dr Kagin's book, Private Gold Coins and Patterns of the US (1981) before buying this gold beauty. He placed an R6 rarity (13 - 30 known pieces) and it matches current population reports. An XF40 sold in 2011 for $54,625...yikes!


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