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last ones?

Well I have added five holders to my ms69 and ms70 collection. And yes for my beloved critic, whom I am sure will make a remark, I stated which one is my favorite label.

Being a disabled veteran, I sincerely love my flag and everything about it, so comment away my good and spirited one. I also think that this is probably that last aditions I have, unless I am lucky enough to get a 25th anniversary holder from the 5 coin set. It looks like the scalpers have the market, but maybe 6 mo. to a yr from now some will turn up reasonably priced.

I am not going to comment on the Mint and its handling of the 5 coin set, it is over and water under the bridge. Of course I am disapointed, but what the hey huh?

Friday is an important day for me and many others, so if you can, take a minute of your time at work, home or play on Friday at 11:11 and just think of someone who you know past or present in the service. And if you can I among millions of others would appreciate it.

Ok, I hear you, enough already stop carrying on. So I will, but first, I want to wish my oldest brother happy birthday, who by the way was shot up to hell in Viet Nam. So here is to you big bro, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

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