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There is no such thing........believe me

Hello all!


The Holiday season is back.

W.K.F. has a point. Everyone wants to have something nice. A few would go as far as trying to steal it.

I am fortunate to only have a mere $60-$70K in my collection. My friends all know I have it (and where). My collection represents a major percentage of my net worth. If I were to lose it I'd be devastated.

The coins in my small collection, are for me, my son, and my friends to admire. They are somewhat protected by intrusion alert devices, and other, but.........they are not 100% secure.

There is no such thing!

If someone wants my coins more than I, they will defeat the system, and be gone. If a thief wants your valuables......they'll be gone. Anyone that's ever been on recon or a stakeout will tell you. If a system can be made, it can be defeated. Period!

If you want the ultimate 24/7 protection, send them to the White House. You could also dig a hole and bury them in the front yard of the Department of Homeland Security?

If you can't bear a loss, you might do best to divest.

I find barcodes, serial #s, and insurance are deterrents.

I guess I've had, and lost, more than some others. I love my coins, but after all, they are just coins.

It's like buying a car with a 5 star crash rating. The first thing you do is go out and drive as fast as you can to see if it really works? I don't buy a car to crash it.

As far as the competition goes. I am being a hypocrite. Yes, I am doing what I do not like others doing, but it's for good reason. It's called passion and competition.

You all know my coins are for everyone....friend and foe, alike.

A little over 9 days to go. My sincerest wishes for everyone to present their best for the judging. We have all striven to have the best we could for the deadline.

It will all be history, soon.

Good Luck to All!




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