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I looked for a nice one , but...........

Hi everyone!

I hope all enjoyed the Holiday. I have been busy trying to image the missing few in my sets. My NZ 1d set will be ahead by 1 point whenever NGC gets the certification from PCGS. This is going to be a close one.

I wanted to enter my NZ half crowns, but the 1961 wasn't really a beauty. I figure an XF, at best. Rather than waste a grading, I'd wait. Well, I found a lot nicer coin, but a bit too late for the competition.

Oh well. I could have entered the coins I have, but it would be another "also ran" set.

I see by the numbers, a lot of coins are being added this year. With conditions as they are, it is a ray of sunshine. I have been very fortunate to achieve the goal I set last year, and more.

I cannot put myself into anyone else's shoes, but it's like being lined up with John Force for the championship. Sinking a 40 yard putt to win in "sudden death." A 99 yard punt return to win in the last 20 seconds of the Rose Bowl? At what amount of adrenaline does passion change to obsession?

Good Luck to all my friends and competitors.

Here's the start for next year!




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