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My details graded coins are still "scheduled for grading?"

Hello everyone,

I guess I will never get them done. They are already temporarily entered into slots, but big deal. If I try to sell then, no one can check the numbers in the Registry.

I guess when you have a valid dispute, it is countered like this. I bet they get cleared before subscription renewal.

I see the minute the KM-13A disappeared, everyone wants to have a set. Howard Mitchell says, all it takes is common sense to see the difference. Boy, did he nail that? He also said it would perplex graders, as they have never seen one. He also has never seen a "fake" coin. I guess the grading companies should employ his, or Krause's, expertise. The only other alternative is to wait for the grading community to catch up to common sense. It's like Military Intelligence?

Next case is the 1992 $15 Canada Olympic proof pair. I have all the coins that exist for that year, but I gave up trying to find the "plain edge" variety. 1998 series $20 coins were done, but no 1992. Check Krause. No mention of them at all. Only the 10 in the 1998 set. Yes, 10. There are more than the Registry requires. I should be so lucky to have that run.

I see a few nice old coins in the last couple of journals. Nice extinguisher too! Great finds and good prices(I hope.)

I am slowing down on coins. I have acquired enough to finish one small set. I have the coins to submit, but too cautious to try.

I have more than adequate numbers of "details grading" coins now.

It's amazing how a dealer submission gets an MS63 with green all over it, and my BU comes back in purple.

To expensive to be doing it.

I hope you all find the coins you are looking for. I hope audrop is fortunate to finish one set. He has a heftier challenge than I.

Good luck and have a great weekend!




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