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It must be nice.

Hello everyone!

I just got through looking at a submission by a dealer. I'm glad to see that 50% of his coins were rejected for the rubber stamp issues. Some of those graded are bad. If I had a hint of green, I'd get the "ED" label. I wonder how many he submitted as a UNC were graded as AU? Shoot, he had to pay for something. I guess the don't have to pay for anything ungradable. If they send in 100 coins, you know they'll get some percentage good grades. They don't pay for the rest. I have nothing against dealers. I know there are quite a few in here. What I don't like is that NGC doesn't charge for the rejects. If you sent in US sets, you can specify no grades lower than say a 69. You pay X for the 69s, and 5 bucks more for a 70. I could build some great Canadian sets if I sent them all in, and said nothing lower than a 70. I would have a good percentage of graders then. If you haven't noticed, only the dealers have the 70s? Makes me say hmmmmmm?

To be fair to the non-dealer collectors, I think it's time to make another Category. Let the dealers compete against each other. The submissions would increase then. Let us non-dealer compete at our level. It's like an "Everyman" collection, only middle class. If I could buy and grade at wholesale levels, I'd have a few more sets, and upgrade the sets I have.

I guess the old addage about"Money talks and......., holds true here too. It is like my high school days. We had a scrimmage against the NY Giants.......duh? Robustelli hit me so hard, I thought I was dead. Size is might. I just wish I could afford to send in 30 coins at a time.

I'm happy with my coins. They are all bought at retail.

I still hold a few aces though.

Good luck to all.




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