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If I were to sell them, I could buy eBay.

Hello all!

I have a 1945 NZ 1d Proof Penny. There were 10 minted. Someone broke it out of Daddy's collection and spent it. Sure there are a few nicks, like bag marks, but it still has all the original luster. It is now in a purple slab as a "polished" coin. I guess I have to send in my 1995 W Silver Eagle for regrade? I thought it was proof, but it's only polished. My whole Silver Eagle proof set would all come back as polished.

Sorry Rick....I win! lol

With 1 of the 10 now in a slab, it is the only one in the world.

The PayPal fee would be over $35,000.00. Of course you'd have to cover the eBay FVF. Say another 20 grand? The best part about buying my coin? I'll deliver it by armed guard.

On another note, the dastardly KM-13A has been eliminated from the Registry. I am taking them to a ANA Life member that has a burnished coin collection. He'll know just by looking.

Second note. The 1992 $15 Canada Olympic pair has no "plain edge" variety. J&M, Colonial, Citadel, and several others have never seen one. Krause-Mischler doesn't list them either. Only four of the 1988 $20.00 Olympic coins were plain edge. Those ARE listed. As soon as the penny thing wears off, I'll take my plea to Amy, and see if I can get this error eliminated also. If an existing coin can be deleted, two non existent coins should be no problem. At $40-$50 per coin, this pair got expensive too. I got plenty of them. Trades always welcome. Nobody but me even has a set started. I just hate incomplete sets. If anyone collecting Canadian wants to petition Amy about the 1992, I would appreciate it. I think I am getting on her nerves, Believe me, it's not on purpose. At least now, others can make a set. Bring it on. I like the competition.

Oh.......when I replace all the purple coins, I may give them away. That won't break any rules here.....will it? Sorry, no variety coins get more than a VF grade.

Have a great weekend!




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