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This really happens with all this modern technology?

Hi All,

I just tried to enter the coin I have into the Registry....again.

Here's what gets kicked back:

We continued to have problems with the following Certification numbers. They have been added to our admin queue to be processed. You will receive notification when processing is complete.

Slot Cert # Coin Description

1942 ONE DOT ONLY 3324670-001 This is not the best grade, but no one else has it.

The way things are going, I'll take $1000.00 for it.

This coin is still in "scheduled for grading."

We can put a man on the moon and bring him back, but if I had some moon coins, I'd be hard pressed to prove it.

Just remember, this coin isn't graded, it is not in QC, nor finalized/imaged/shipped.

Here's the label that's on the coin that came this morning.

You'd think they'd put more RAM in the Commodore 64. My hard drive is 16 megabytes. Just enough to image.

Have a good one....day that is.

It's Miller time!

Oh, upper left hand label corner. Bang it on the table?

Notice the 4 line label that they'll only do if they "feel like it". How convenient. Does management know that labor is lazy?

If you got money, you can get your name on it, or even Happy Birthday? I only asked for Set#1 Coin #1, and/or, Coin #958 of 20,000. Nope. They advertise the label has details of the coin for collectors. They advertize about a lot of things. I couldn't pay for it. Wow! Somebody is slipping up. Personally, I don't give a hoot about your birthday.

I don't collect candles.




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