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I knew I put it in a safe place.

Hi all!

I have been in my coin room for 3 hours looking for a teensey,weensey coin. At least I think it's a coin. I told you in a previous journal I had one that I wanted to send to NGC. With all that's going on, I am hesitant. If it is a real coin, I should let NCS evaluate it. Maybe conserve it so it will grade at NGC?

I am here to ask some help before I spend money on a potential loser.

Can anyone identify this for me? I know it's old, but not how old. No mint mark either. I don't have any books to ID it, so it's up to you. It looks like silver, and is about 10mm.

Next point is this. If you know what it is, and if it were yours, would you submit it?

I guess that's it in a nutshell. One in fifteen thousand should know. Here's hoping.

Thank you in advance.




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