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EBAY?.........WHAT'S EBAY?



Oh yeah......I think I remember.

Hello all,

I love this place. I just remembered all the FVF, and listing fees, and the extra imaging fees, and not selling a thing unless I'd ship for free, and sell for ten cents on the dollar. I went to eBid and have had decent results........for free, forever.

Well, back to the point. Ebay is a great place to waste your money listing all the purple tagged slabs from NCS/NGC. In less than two weeks the place is flooded with some very nice, and diverse coins. You'd never see them raw, but all of a sudden the market is flooded. I guess now you can buy a certified authentic coin at half price?

We were told a change was coming. It's my change that's going.

This is my week. Six coins went from NCS(I wanted them to be sure I had graders)to NGC. One lost it's description, and I already know not to expect a grade any higher than a VF40. My other variety coins may suffer too. If it's the first to be graded and has a high point potential, it has purple slab time written all over it. Oh how I'd love to be proved wrong, but.

PCGS and eBid. What a great combination. It's simple economics.

I guess I am lucky. I only sell my extra stuff. My sets aren't going anywhere but higher.

I hope all of your sets are destined to go higher too.

Until next time.




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