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It makes no sense to me

Hello everyone!

My purple Coroner's tagged coins get only half points. They aren't good enough to get real grades.

When coins that are graded get half points, it makes me think twice about getting the pristine 1855 Australian half sovereign graded.

I lost 34 points this week. My set suffered a setback....of sorts. I do try hard to make these sets.

When you lose not only points, but rank.....something is amiss.

Five thousand points would eliminate a few of my #1 sets completely. I happen to like the competition in the Society. I happen to like my competitors. If I were to pass someone due to their set being reduced in points, I would reconsider my place in the rankings.

Lately it's been tough for me to get any "variety" world coins graded. Purple slabs are becoming commonplace. I couldn't imagine these getting a lower score during an "update".

I know the point loss is one thing. The time, effort, and expense to achieve the original score is what makes no sense.

Great coins are hard enough to find. It's a shame they have to suffer from "point degradation" syndrome too!

My condolences to all that have been affected. Aren't we all affected?

This news did not make my day.

I am truly sorry if I ruined yours.





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