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Enough isn't enough......it's too much.

Hello all!

Well, the verdict is in. I cannot afford to send coins to be graded and have them either not graded as what they are, or body bagged.

My KM13-A 1d, now, does not exist. There is a Registry slot for it though. My uncirculated 1934(out of a roll) New Zealand threepence with a double die crack, is neither cracked, nor any good. It looked like a proof coin when I sent it to them(NCS)for evaluation. Nope....excessive hair lines. I guess that means these sets will be impossible to complete too?

I went out of my way, and way out of my budget, to have a nice set of NGC coins. No more. NGC has gotten all the money out of me they ever will. It's a shame. Thousands of dollars for great coins. Hundreds of hours doing reference and research work. I wanted to be sure everything was as it should. After 3 months, with this variety of coin, I am now told they won't grade it. It's too tough to certify. "NGC does not recognize the variety". Now's a fine time to blurt that out! "NGC will not put their name on a coin unless they can certify it as what it is".

My coins at NCS are now a waste. They don't(or cannot) conserve them, and one isn't even recognized. It just dropped off the face of the earth.

Krause should refrain from giving coins that cannot be identified, a number for identification. NGC's bible has a few flaws.

I can't wait to see what my last five uncirculated pennies come back from NGC as. I already paid, so who knows. I bet NCS sends all mine back in purple. They made sure one "key" coin missed the "new" program by a day. Now if I send it in again, they'll grade it? I don't think so....crack it out and send it elsewhere.

Hey....it's only money.

I guess my standards are too high?

My shoebox will be full by next week.....no more grading(or non grading) fees. No more looking for coins that don't exist. I worked hard, studied harder, and spent wisely, and now nothing.

I wish you all better treatment than I receive. I guess I have to buy coins already graded from now on?

I met a lot of nice people and dealers in New Zealand, Australia, and Canada, while researching these coins. I have learned a great deal from them, and members of this Society.

My treatment by Lisa, Amy, and Sarah is the most pleasant and professional. They have all either tried, or done their best. I only wish NGC were more like them.

Oh.....I listed the coin that doesn't exist. It went from ED to a VF. I'll have it back soon.....I hope. At least it will be there for everyone to see. It made me the #2 set in the Registry.

WOOOOHOOOO.....behind another coin that doesn't exist......yet.

Happy collecting folks.....I will miss a bunch of you.

I may be back with more....sooner than you think.

P.S. The coin on the left? It doesn't exist.




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