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I guess I have to do this on my own too?

Hey everyone!

My eyes are so tired of looking at coins for submission.

Will they grade this? Will this not pass? Why did that green spot have to be on such a pretty coin?


I have to buy several coins to find one suitable for evaluation?

WOW! There goes the budget.

I guess with the older circulated coins, it is almost a necessity to do this?

I got burned severely on my last NGC submission, so I am trying a different approach.........EVALUATION.

Yesiree Bob, I am sending the questionable coins to NCS first.

My 30x magnifier finds a lot of "stuff". I hate "stuff".

If I even think NGC will reject my submission, I'm sending it to NCS first. If they say it passes, so be it. Off to NGC directly. It's worth the few extra bucks.

On the other hand. If a coin doesn't make it, I have at least have a shot at conserving it first, and then off to NGC.

No more back and forth in the mail, paying postage and insurance, several times for a service. There's also a chance of losing coins in the process........OUCH!

Insured or not, I want MY coins.

OK, I spoke with Daniell at NCS. She's as nice as the folks at NGC. After a few questions, I think I have it figured out. She was so very helpful and understanding.

Well, I sent a few in as a trial. I have about a half dozen more to go.

I personally don't want to have anything in NCS slabs, but eventually I may have to accept it on some of the more scarce "variety" coins.

Fully graded sets look so much nicer!

Well, I am hoping this will add value to my sets and eliminate the waste of time, and funds, on "also ran" submissions.

I am trying to fill in the empty slots where the "body bagged" coins were to go. Let's hope that evaluation first, avoids devaluation in the end.

If this works, you'll see a few nice specimens coming soon(4-6 weeks).

I guess I'll start looking for a job, as this is going to run up the bill somewhat.

May everyone enjoy the nice sets they have.

Happy Collecting!




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