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I want the Sham-wow guy to do this one!

Hello all!

OK......I have the third known 1933 Saint-Gaudens $20 piece.

It is BU and never been touched by human hands.

The trouble is that it was on a shelf in the musty old warehouse for the last 76 years, and it has some really nasty, black and green spots all over it.

I want it graded, so off to NCS and we'll wait. Oooops.....it's got the dreaded ED. NGC won't grade a coin with ED.

OK.....let's settle for "details grading".

What do I get out of it?

A gold coin. A purple slab. No points because they don't have a slot for them. Oh......and a lousy 3.5 million dollar coin because it's not perfect. You'd think I could get at least 4 million, but it's been blackballed forever.

If it can't slab with the "big boys", put it in a Whitman album and save it for the Grandkids?

You could toss it across the Potomac?

Maybe not, you might get busted for polluting.

Let NCS start their own Registry of problem coins, and make it stand alone from NGC. Have a point system according to the problem and severity. An "Environmentally Damaged 58"? An "Improperly cleaned 30"? Let the graduated point system work there too? It may not be the answer, but it is a suggestion.

Problem coins may just have received the solution!

Operators are standing by.




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