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Hey all

NGC must have known I am upset. My 14 paragraph dissertation on their incompetence got deleted.

Papamesa is right. To move the label, you have to hit it hard enough to shatter the case.

I have received gouged slabs in a "pristine" shipping box?

The NGC scans do not show any damage. How does this happen?

If the USPS indeed is handling them this roughly, the packaging is to blame. A paper divider, half full, is chintzy, at best.

These coins mostly leave NGC in the condition they arrive in.

Sure they'll fix the problem.....they caused it.

Who pays for the shipping and insurance?

The PF 63 I got from NGC was cracked out and sent the next day to PCGS. They body bagged it, PVC damaged? NGC was the only one to have that coin out of my mylar flip. Who cares? From 70 to body bag in 2 months?

I've had QC problems too. I get emails from others about the problems with QC. "Good enough" is not QC. I paid for "Good".

I can get my errors fixed for a sum too.

I just lost 4 out of 18 to the environmental damage or excessive hair lines excuse. My coins didn't get the service they deserved and needed, but NGC got paid the full amount.

I wonder if they treat the submissions from the Smithsonian with such non-chalance?

I guess I'll go back to buying graded coins and eliminate the hit and miss grading.

I'll let you guys with all the eBay money grade them and I'll just buy the good ones.

If I were to get slabs back like that and all in the same "unhurt" box, I think I'd be knocking at NGC's front door ASAP.

If there is no quality in Quality Control, it is time for "change". Who's watching the store?

The answer is obvious




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